10 Reasons to become a vegetarian today.

I have been a slave to food, i’ve been fat and bulimic, i’ve been on diets and i’ve been to fitness classes.
The whole time, i’ve eaten meat. Since starting my fitness journey in early 2012 i have tried everything on the market to find what’s best for our bodies.

I’ve learnt a lot doing these things and the one thing that occurs is Fruit and Vegetables.
We need them in our diets, it’s the one thing we NEVER cut out… and why is that? Because it is what our bodies want, we were designed to eat fruit and vegetables.
I’m not writing this to force you into being vegetarian or vegan i just want you to have the knowledge to make your own decisions freely.i have eaten meat for 22 years, i had no knowledge of our bodies coping with animal products and how we get them in shops.

Here is an inspiring video on vegan/vegetarianism. Whether or not you want to become one, watch it and gain perspective of where your meat comes from (It’s not food, its meat).

10 Reasons i’m becoming vegetarian.
1.Animal cruelty awareness: 
This is probably the main thing for me, i have always been an animal lover and had no idea how they killed animals, i thought it was humane, but after watching gary’s video i was enlightened. I will still eat chicken once a week but from locally farmed places. (It’s not great but it’s a start)
2.Weight loss:
Again, this is important for me, i can eat plates of food for under 1000 calories, which means my belly is full but it’s low fat so i am still losing weight.
3.It’s the best way of getting nutrients: 
Fruits and veg are packed with ALL the nutrients you need in your diet, as long as it is balanced, citrus fruit, fibers, proteins,pulses, roots ect.
4.Meats + Chemicals = Food :
Animal products have to be sanitised, have growth hormones injected in them and a lot of other bad chemicals i won’t go into, vegetables are pure and simple, locally farmed and organic are best but even commercial fruits and veg are better then processed meats injected with fa/water.
The natural taste of a homemade bolognese with corn mince outways the greasy taste of fish and chips.
6.Body problems:
Have you ever eaten a burger,fish and chips, pizza and felt sluggish? Felt bloated? Constipated? Meat and fat go together, These meat and grease laden foods make our bodies work extra hard to break down the fat and find a place to store it, which leaves no energy to let our bodies get up and move about, fruit and veg are easily digestible leaving us refreshed and rejuvenated.
7.Vegetables are cheaper then meat:
Have you ever seen a steak that’s cheaper then a bag of quorn mince? Or a bag of potatoes? how about a chicken that’s cheaper than a family sized quiche? Or a cheese pizza? No? Exactly.
8.Home grown:
You can grow your own fruit and veg, its an activity for kids and its great to see the foods you grow on your plate. I personally have apples, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, garlic, leeks, onions, broccoli,cauli, peppers and tomatoes.
Invest your time in yourself, your health.
9.To show others how easy this change can be if you replace meat with plant-proteins, soy and quorn being the main ones.
10. Because now i look like this… and not, this. (Insanity has got me looking this fit, vegetarianism will keep me on the track)

I Became veggie on the 20/04/2014 after having fajitas with Tom.

I now eat quorn mince, Quorn chicken pieces and substitute cauliflower for chicken in some meals.

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