Loose skin

I don’t just mean if you’re 300lbs and you’re losing a lot of weight. Even the smallest of people can lose weight and feel the ‘loose-skin’ effect. You can quickly snap your body back to a tight and toned feeling but when you start to feel this ‘soft’ feeling on your body it shows either water or fat has quickly been lost, add some muscle and you’re good to go!wc-1033443_640

Poop – toilet time!

Like all the time. I don’t mean to be so upfront but, you need to know, you’ll be pooping so much. Within the first 3 days of any good diet or workout routine you’ll be popping for a poop once or twice a day. The toilet will be your new best friend. I wasn’t much for toilet humour but I have a new love of the loo.

Getting a toilet routine is the best thing for your weight loss, it means your body is eating the right things and it’s processing it efficiently, leaving your energy at peak for the rest of the day. I love my loo.

Loose clothing

A good sign of weight loss and a good excuse to go out and get yourself a new wardrobe..if you can find the right things for you. Sometimes plus-sized clothing is a pain.

Prepare to become a different person.

I mean, really truly. When they say the words ‘ a new you’ they really mean it. Everything you’ve ever thought about who you were as a person will really come into the foreground.

Sitting watching tv a young couple were on a date, asking each other if they liked gravy. A few years ago I’d have given the same response as them “Oooh I’d smother my roast in it”. It made me realise, there are a lot of things that I don’t think of as ‘typically amy’ anymore.

New interests & new friends now too. When you change your diet, you change what you enjoy eating and doing, this means finding new interests and tragically new friends. It doesn’t happen purposely, just people change. I found myself wanting to be outdoors a lot more, I don’t drink alcohol and I enjoy exploring new places. Sitting in a pub every evening just wasn’t my cup of tea, needless to say, if they’re good friends they might want to try new things with you! 🙂

Sitting in a pub every evening just wasn’t my cup of tea, needless to say, if they’re good friends they might want to try new things with you!


A new wardrobe

Other than needing smaller clothes you’ll also find your style of clothing is different and your gym clothes become your comfortable clothing as you want to wear comforting clothes to make you move around more. Your ‘gym’ clothing essentially become your lounging around the house clothes and trainers are the best thing you own.

You have to consider a whole new routine of eating (including your families)

That’s an amazing thing, getting to try new fruits, new vegetables and new styles of eating! I’ve tried so many diets in my past so new foods aren’t so much ‘new’ in my house hold but my family still won’t budge on their habits. That’s fine though, as long as you understand each person is different and has different tastes.

People will want to ask questions – Try your food and even steal it!

Food bills may go up! I typically spend around £5-£15 less on my new diet but when I’m trying new foods my family always want a portion too, leaving me cooking for 3 instead of just me! So on the odd occasion, my food bill increases by a good £10 a week!

Prepare for the negatives.

I cannot stress this enough. As awful as it is you will have a negative experience, or a few. In your time of need and support, it might be less supportive than you’d expect. That’s not necessarily because they don’t want you to succeed it’s normally due to them feeling guilty about their habits and put that on you. Maybe you’re lucky and will have support, I hope so. If that’s not the case then I hope you can find support and motivation in me.

I hope that list didn’t put you off taking a look at your diet and introducing new and more positive things. Eventually, they will lead to a healthier lifestyle and, if you’re overweight, even weight loss!  This is more of a joke realisation than something to be taken seriously, everything has it’s negatives but the positives to weight loss (for health) are so much more then anything you could ask for.

Just bare these things in mind when making changes in your life.

Love as always,


9 comments on “10 things to think about before weightloss”

  1. Oh Amy I really need to gethe on the weight loss groove. I managed to avoid gaining too much when pregnant only to pile it all on after Dottie was born. *Weep*

  2. This was an interesting read. I’m finally tackling my diet and have lost some weight. It’s a great feeling when clothes start to feel comfortable again and you get back into things you haven’t worn in ages

  3. Really interesting read, I’m trying to loose weight through exercise and a change in my diet just because I’ve put on a couple of pounds over the last couple of years. Lot’s of clothes I need to fit back into! xo

  4. You always forget about things to take into consideration when loosing weight.
    When I was pregnant with Hayden I lost weight too quick I think and had excess skin on my belly which I hated. Hopefully I can do better after this pregnancy.
    Thanks for these tips thought, will defo reference them
    Charlotte 🙂

  5. Great points, I know that although I have put weight back on there are things which aren’t typical me anymore for example I never have full fat fizzy drinks anymore it’s just not me x

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