Thank you all 
for reading- commenting on my blogs.
I’m not a writer, as you can tell by my informalities, however, this space, MY space I can write. 
I can write whatever I want that interests me ( and I hope interests you too), and for that feeling I can’t express it in words, but I hope you all have that in your lives, go out and do what makes you happy, I do. Fitness and writing, gardening and dancing, love and cooking. I’m happy with everything I do in all ways. 

Over the past few years of my blog, I have posted about recipes, crafts ideas, gardening tips, personal stories, poetry, stories and health advice.

I have been here posting for you for 3 years now ( that’s a post every 11 days!) and I’ve lost friends, made friends, changed jobs, had new family, lost family… but never lost readers.

You are constant, and for that I am thankful.
Amy x


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