11 videos in 5 days.

Post By MissieMai

5 days! The craze of videos.
i’ve got sucked into this video making thing and i write my ideas down for about 2 hours of a night time and i wake up at 8am and film them for a few hours and then it takes me around 2 hours to edit them so i’m throwing them out at bad quality at the moment, but i’m getting a few hits so i’m happy.
I really want imput though, i want to know what to film and what to talk about. I need help.

Doing the filming is getting tricky, fitting it in between family time, making dinner cleaning the house and being with my boyfriend, its getting pretty tough.So is filming and lighting and sound, i’m finding in the morning ( when i have time to myself and alone) the light changes every couple of seconds, i have to keep my voice down for family and my mic seems to not pic up anything.

But that’s it for today, on to do more videos. Or atleast film more videos.

Pop a comment, let me know what you think..