Month: March 2018

A fitness boot camp – Reviewing Motivate Bootcamp

As I’ve been so busy with work, E-books and my own freelance services (and very recently trying to get back into shape). I haven’t really given much time to write for the website but with Steve, the owner of Motivate Bootcamp’s help.I was invited as a last-minute replacement and am so thrilled to have been […] Read more…

Mushroom Spaghetti Bolognese

I LOVE SPAGHETTI.  I can confidently say, most of you are nodding in agreement. Spaghetti is a staple in many homes, it’s sweet, simple and offers an easy and (budget-friendly) meal in less than 15 minutes. Vegan spag-bol is the same, but healthier. Of course, you don’t have to make your own sauces and you […] Read more…

What does being a foodie mean?

I’m sure in the seven years I’ve been writing, I have used the term ‘foodie’ more than I care to accept. One search in my websites search box and it’ll pop-up in several posts about my personal preferences. I actively call(ed) myself a foodie for several years. Over the last few days, the idea of […] Read more…

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