We all love a quick fix – right? The problem is the fact that we are so desperate for a quick fix means we’re in more of a jam then we think. Most diets aren’t fixed by removing one thing, it’s normally a well-organised routine and diet plan that will get you to the place you want to be with your health.

The more positive changes you make in your diet the easier it is to get in a healthy and easy lifestyle. These 5 things may help you get there quicker. Once you’ve considered these 5 things everything else should just fall into place.


If I don’t start any list with water, I’m not doing my job as a health blogger. It’s the moaning friend who’s always right -but you don’t like to admit it. It’s free and is has zero calories but we all seem to run away from it out of fear of becoming ‘The woman that carries a water bottle everywhere’. Water fills you up, helps you work out better, helps your body get rid of waste quicker and is the slimming aid of the century. If there isn’t a water bottle in my handbag right now, I’ll eat my hat.


Reducing sugar in your diet is always beneficial. It reduces excess sugars being turned into fat stores and helps the body digest your food properly. The bacteria that live in the gut hone in on the sugars in those foods, breaking them down and producing gas, which can lead to bloat. Not only does sugar bloat us it also raises our blood sugar, changes our chemical reaction to other foods and makes us crave even more of the white powder.

It’s a drug- Read more on the effects of sugar on the body.


Not only is it awful for anyone suffering with IBD, IBS or any other intolerances related to bread. It’s also a very high GI food, normally full of salt and sugar. Any food that has low nutritional value, high-calorie value and makes you bloated – gets a big red tick on the naughty list.

Cut it out!


Just like bread, Salt acts like a storage container for water. Everything you drink normally sits in your stomach, with salt in your diet it send the fluid to the surface or your skin. Making you feel sluggish and bloated. No matter how little you add to your food, it’s already in your diet. The best way to combat salt is to cook your own food from scratch.


Eat right and workout – duh.

Amy-May Hunt

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