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I’m sharing with you a little-known secret, encouragement and motivation are the most powerful things you can have to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, where can you get these? Instagram!5aa03e10a19627718753a4f4edd6579d.jpg 640×640 pixels

Whether your a lunch-time scroller or evening foodie. Instagram has a lot of users (millions) and a percentage of them will be thinking the same thing as you ‘how can they eat this food‘ ‘how can I look that good? There’s a lot of benefit to food sharing websites and motivational updates to have a browse and see what Instagram could offer you.

So here is my ultimate list on weight loss motivation and devotion: 7 reasons Instagram is helping people shed the pounds.

Photo Encouragement

Follow people you love, that share positive images and messages, this will keep you on track when you feel you can’t do it. You can see the positive results they’ve had and you can understand how they’ve changed their lives, encouraging you to do the same. Be realistic, you won’t get their body, just a better version of your own.There are also Pinterest boards for motivation and inspiration.


Motivational Posters

Sometimes instagramers don’t want to take real photos, so instead, they share motivational posters to get you moving. They’re often funny slogans and inspirational quotes.
Depending on what motivates you, having a few motivational quotes floating around could really boost your encouragement and get you motivated!

Positive followers Comments

As above follow people who’re positive, eventually you will get your own like-minded followers who will tell you how well you’re doing and this will help to keep you on track.


Photograph your dinners, would you share them? This encourages healthy eating behaviour, by surrounding yourself with photos of your healthy meal choices,you’re reminded to eat healthy.


By putting yourself on a social media site you’re encouraging a routine which has been proven to give better results. Finding the right routine to workout is very important in creating a positive habit like, starting your morning routine properly.

Challenges and weight loss tips

A lot of people put challenges up on their Instagram, the 30 day squat challenge, the vegan for a week challenge and a tonne of other inspirational challenges to get the healthy juices flowing. They even giving recipe ideas for you to follow, like this.(Right)


You’re the most important part of your weight loss, by using Instagram you can see previous photos of yourself, see the improvements. For every time you upload a photo, doubts go through your mind.
Is this good enough to be online? – YES.
Next time it will be even better!

People to follow;

Me, ofcourse – I don’t have the best images and im not a regular poster but I’m honest and a regular joe interested in health and fitness so if that sounds like something you like then follow me!

Misty Copeland – Dancer and fitness model Misty has an amazing feed for anyone who is inspired to stay healthy through the creative arts.

Kristin McGee – Celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee makes fitness and healthy living look easy.

Burn This – A Community of runners pictures and inspiration.

Chelsey Korus – I found Chelsey through The Greatist website who recommended her for inspiration and fitness shots. Handstands and amazing workout pictures.

The DeliciousHealthy fresh & real food.

MindBodyGreen – If you’re into fresh and healthy food then this is a great account to follow. Motivational slogans to boot.

Sweet Green –  organic locally-sourced salads (US) , they take gorgeous and healthy photos regularly!

I hope you’ve learnt that there are some great reasons to create an Instagram account for losing weight, but more then that, just having positive motivations are a giant leap in the direction you want to go, I have a book due out in the next few month to inspire everyone into weight loss and a healthy mindset so keep an eye out for “Food for the Fit Fat and Hungry”.

As always, have a healthy and happy week.



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