It’s been a while, right? I’ve spent so much time organising work and other things this week that I’ve had no time to update you properly, I’ve been tweeting and popping things on the facebook page but I have some time so.. let me give you a proper update.
Here’s my week in highlights….Well, Sunday and Monday.

So, I went to air space last Saturday, if you don’t know what it is or why it’s so amazing then read up! I was hoping it’d be a great activity for his pre-Birthday..but, By Sunday we were exhausted, our legs and backs were killing.
So we decided to rest up and have a relaxing day.

At 10.30 we left for the cinema, we paid for the first tickets on the drop down menu. They were £1.00 more than normal but we assumed it was the time of day. We didn’t notice until sitting in the theatre they’re special tickets.

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The stereo really was surround sound, the noise followed the SFX from the film so perfectly, everything was amplified with bass and echos. Amazing experience, Not to mention the film it’self.

Deadpool, Yup. I’m a fan girl now.

Such a brilliant film, I don’t mean in storyline or film quality its self but in his dedication to a role. It left me believing Ryan Reynolds really was a superhero.He’s so convincing, witty and sarcastic, both Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds.

Monday: (Tom’s Birthday)

Well, Tom was booking this off for the his birthday but I have college on a Monday morning and I had an interview in the afternoon. Pointless, he went into work as normal and I carried on with my day .Annoyingly college was pointless too, portfolio updating which I keep on track of so just sat there for 3 hours wasting my morning..

I rang up the company that was supposedly sending Tom’s birthday parcel, after hearing it hadn’t arrived. They’d placed the wrong date on the postage so it wouldn’t come until tomorrow, ugh I was so upset..

I’m the worst at buying birthday gifts and I rarely have any money, as a volunteer student and as a blogger! I get no income in at all… I really want to carry on with blogging, I love giving advice and inspiring people to eat healthy but it really doesn’t pay the bills..prezzie

So, I found out his prezzie wasn’t coming and it made me feel sick, no way was I turning up without anything.

I had an hour and a half before my interview and I was determined to buy something..RiverIsland, Next, Newlook Men’s, H&M, Goldsmiths, H Samuels, nothing! I eventually went back into H&M and bought him a Tee that caught my eye..at least I can take it back If I had to.

Luckily he loved it, that and the cake..

And the chocolate fudge cake I bought for him. I decorated it with Belgium chocolate covered popcorn and sweet and salty popcorn. It’s not the flashiest thing but I’m happy he had something and he loved both. We ate the cake with our bare hands..

The interview (Volunteer Teaching Support)

So I said, I’d be there at 1.30. After being at college and rushing round with prezzies in my hands I had no room to bring a packed lunch so I ended up eating a banana and sushi. Before an interview! Why I thought that was a good idea, I have no clue..

Anyway, In my haste to get there on time I left the shopping centre ridiculously early and had to walk at 0 miles per hour. I ended up pacing outside the local shop, on the phone to my sister.. As it got closer to the time I stayed on the phone but walked to the front of the school..I could see the reception but couldn’t see the way to get to it!

I was panicing a bit, my footsteps getting faster but I just couldn’t see a way into the school, no buzzer no signs except for the ones that said “Please use the reception”.
I was flustered thinking I was going to be late so rushed towards the one corner I hadn’t checked, a car rushed in front of me I jumped back. It was a teacher going into the carpark I hadn’t seen a sign for.

What an idiot!

I walked infront of a car of someone who bloody works at the school. I found the entereance and blustered out an apology to the receptionist. I felt awful.

The interview went wonderfully, all of the staff seemed lovely and I’m really excited to be in a new year group. So far. So good. I started the next day and felt straight at home..

Fingers crossed for the future…

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