The title says it all, I work part-time in a school for two days and I spend a day in college the rest is all on the blog (blogs, now) so getting freebies is becoming a hobby and the education show was full of them!

If you’re a teacher or in a teaching position within a school then enterance to the tradeshow is completely free you just sign up and walk in. I really do mean walk, going by car just shouldn’t be an option it was £12 to get in the car park! I would’ve gone by train if we’d had known.

Other than that, gaining a ticket was simple, just print and go. We went through into the show and it was jammed, ram-packed! Stalls for paint, stickers, glue (lots of glue), activity centres and new tech for the classrooms.

I have to say, it was overwhelming!


There was a fairy who was ready stories in a book corner, a dinosaur giving out water bottles and a guy rock climbing. The harry potter section was rammed throughout the day, it was a green screen where you can have a photo on a broom stick!

Other than that though, it was a lot of stickers and glue and pens.

Not that it was bad, some of the paint and pens they had were amazing. I found a stall selling pens that were made from ‘friction’ they were cleverly called ‘frixon’ pens… the ink was a heated ink so when you rub plastic over it the ink dissapears! It comes back if you need it to by popping it in the freezer.

So, if you ruin your work with water, dry it with a hair dryer! The ink will dissapear and reappear in the freezer!

Frixon pivot pens
Frixon pen & magic pens!

There was also a paint-crayon. It looked like a huge Crayola and felt similar on the paper but the colours don’t bleed or blend unless you want them to and when you add water it’s just like a normal acrylic paint! So clever. They were handing out freebies but I got there too late 🙁


So many goodies, the bags were so heavy, we had to stop several times as they were cutting into our hands and shoulders. We stopped at lunch time in the halls, to remove some extra papers we didn’t need.. the seating was just minimal so we ended up sitting on the floor in the halls along with hundreds of others.


after sitting down I was still left with around 16 bags but it was a lot lighter! So here are the haul pictures! Like I said they were Branded Pens, a tonne. Some stands I would just look and chat to them and go to walk off and they’d pop them into my hands before I left..

I counted 16 branded pens along with; 3 sharpies, 3 magic pens (Frixon) see text above,


Then there were, 8 glue sticks with magic glue and pre-cut ‘sticky-tape’, 2 rolls of mini-cellotape, 6 pencils, a ruler, 3 note pads, a pencil case with some stickers..

A safety coffee mug  for in the classroom, a water bottle. A free childrens reading record and 4 of the CGP standardised SATS+ books, including maths pre-test books!

We also had some clotted cream ice cream from the CGP stall and some chocolate from the scouts stall..mmm chocolate. I was hoping they’d be giving out free coffees! We really needed it, we were exhausted by 12 o clock!

Overall view. 

It’s a great show, so much interactivity and talks going on..there’s almost too much to do there but the problem is…

It’s not for everyone, it’s very much targeted at the people who call the shots. I’m talking head teachers and the bursars, people who are willing to buy the equipment that they’re selling.

I was invited to learn about the new products they had on the market and perhaps listen to a few talks about what we can do as TA’s. There was non of that, the sales people would come up to us and ask what we do within a school and we’d say “Hi, I work in year 4.. We’re T.assistants”  Gone.

Literally, you can see the interest leave their faces! One woman was holding out bags of water,pens and magazines in the stall next to us, heard we were TA’s and put them down..when we went to speak to her she just wouldn’t give us the time of day. Literally didn’t move out of her seat.

If you want to go there for free pens & glue then go, do it they throw them at you..but you have to listen to speech after speech on why their product is so good.

If you want to go there and learn something or purchase something then it’s brilliant but it’s definitely tailored towards teachers and people with the power to purchase new equipment for the school but it was a nice day out. I really felt like it was a room full of people who cared about teaching and new ways to interest the kids.

So, that was my Friday.. What did you get up to?

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