I was selected out of a few hundred applicants to review Apricot’s new clothing Range called ‘ Apricot Life’.

The idea is to get more fitness apparel readily available on the market and with Apricot life you can get affordable gym-wear that looks stylish too! Apricot life ranges from £14-£36 for their apparel. From t-shirts to leggings. The website itself is fairly empty and I was disappointed that the clothing only came in a few colours and there were only 2 leggings to choose from. 

I felt like I was left with very little choice.

That being said, the clothing from Apricot life, that I did choose from was absolutely fabulous. I ended up going for a pair of black leggings with a pink stripe and a pink floaty top with no sleeves, one with cap sleeves and a scarf! Not quite the fitness apparel I was expecting but at least I would get the most use out of these. 

The most important thing about fitness is being active as much as you can and when you know you’re going to use a piece of clothing or equipment it makes more sense. That is why I chose some non ‘life-brand’ clothing, because yes I could have chosen other items but would I have used them? Probably not and I’m a #nowaste kind of girl!

Apricot Life: The Pink Floaty Top

My absolute favourite piece of Apricot life branded clothing in my haul. It is so soft and floaty which is exactly what I want when I’m outdoors and exercising or even just wanting to wear gym wear out and about. I saved wearing it until BlogCon London so I could wear it out before getting it sweaty. I found that the fabric was loose enough to hide any lumps and bumps but the split still gave me the freedom to feel sexy.

  • It’s definitely a great top to exercise in if your not body confident (and most of us aren’t).
  • It’s cotton so it will absorb sweat fairly well
  • Is loose enough to do yoga and very active sports in.
  • Long enough to hide your back and belly whilst doing stretches.

Floaty White Top

I adore the cut of the neckline on this top. Avoid the fact that it’s white and I’m the messiest person in the world I could easily find myself wearing white to workout in quite regularly. I think it really shows defition and highlights my darker skin. I just really love wearing light colours to workout in.It’s the same fabric as the pink top so it feels just as good to wear!

  • Same benefits as above!
  • I’m not a huge fan of cap sleeves but I think it’s a great addition to the t-shirt to change the style.
Apricot life leggings
Zip pocket leggings £22

Apricot Life Leggings

The leggings are a main feature of the brand, being advertised on their main page and as a huge part of their life campaign. I really have a fair amount to say on these as I should, they’re the only ‘life’ product I actually had delivered. I love the pink flash, I really enjoy having a pop of colour in my workout clothes. It makes me feel feminine and not just a girl who worksout. I can still look good and workout!Apricot Life Joggers - Black and pink

  • offering a full-length leg means you don’t get mud/water splatters during messy runs. 
  • No cold ankles, form fitting and feels great to run in.
  • The waist is stretchy and form-fitting. Meaning your trousers won’t need to be hiked up during your workouts! Don’t you just hate being in your groove and having to stop to pull your leggings up? (I do!)
  • The fabric is super stretchy and offers you flexibility for yoga or hiit workouts.
  • They come with a handy pocket at the back, perfect for just a single key or perhaps a tracker?

My only negatives are the fabric, it’s very lycra-esque. Those who train or do any sweaty workouts will know the negatives of using this type of fabric. You can’t do 10 minutes without feeling like you’re in an 80’s sauna suit. It has brilliant flexability in the fabric but it just doesn’t make up for it.


Like I said, there wasn’t much to choose from in terms of things I’d wear and things I’d use for fitness so I thought. ‘Mother’s day is soon’ and I really think I did well with this one.Apricot Aztech pink scarf

  • It is gorgeously soft for £12 *£6 on sale!
  • It’s huge, my mum wears it as a poncho 
  • As it’s so big she can wear it in different styles too.


I checked back on the website on the 22nd of march and again on the 26th and at both times they had different ranges on their life page. Their fitness apparel so perhaps they have new stock on rotation! I’d love to go back and try some more of their products (and definitely will) as I’ve seen so many bloggers reviewing their active ranges with a tonne of goodies perfect for running, jogging and hiit workouts. There’s a new colared hoodie on the site along with some racer back tee‘s I’d love to get my hands on!

I think I just had an unfortunate time selecting the products, so if they don’t have what you want on that day pop back and see if it changes. You never know, they might have something completely new!


* Amended on the 28th of March. Still waiting to re-do the images. Most of the images are a bit slap bang as, some of you may know. My camera’s card was missing for a good week or so and the replacement was corrupted too. #Badtiming.

Amy-May Hunt

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  1. I think I’ve heard of this brand before and quite like the look of some of these items. I don’t exercise but these would be great for daily wear too!

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