It’s about time.. I wanted to update and inform you of my incredible addiction of biscuits.

I’m fine with anything else, but every house I go to there are biscuits out! Every cup of tea/coffee I make, there are biscuits in my face.. It’s uncontrollable my hand reaches out and I end up eating 3 at a time! We all have cravings for one thing or another, most people have fizzy drinks or

I workout daily, I burn around 300 calories a time, and scoff around 500 calories in biscuits!

It’s not good at all, since I have no control on what other people buy in my household I’ll have to put up with this awful (not so awful) habit. I’ve asked my family to stop me if they see me munching, however as they believe working out is unhealthy and ‘treating’ yourself to junk food 3 times a week is’s not something they can help me with!

Daily diary:

I woke up late, after the second week of sleepless nights from coughing! I text Thomas and asked if he was seeing me, skipped down the stairs and flicked the switch on the kettle. Whilst it was brewing I peered into the yoghurt maker, watery mess! I called through to the kitchen “Why’s it off? – The yoghurt maker” Oh, sorry I had the slow cooker on earlier, you can re-heat it though…..

What a mess! 

I did re-heat it and it turned out fine! Surprisingly!

I then had a lovely bowl of fruit-ified bran flakes, drank my coffee and updated my social networks with some breakfast-pictures.
(baked beans) from the morning before, its a piece of bread in a muffin tin, crack an egg into it and bake for 8-10 minutes, after the 8 minutes cook your beans for 4 minutes and it should be completely ready.
At 12 O-clock I was ready to go out to town with the Mr. we did a few shops to take his clothes back and then I bought some new clothes for work, a beautiful yellow thin top and a floral blue smart dress.We took the car back towards home and popped into Aldi, I bought some OJ, Apples,Bananas,Pineapple and mushrooms ( I really wanted a crab-clam chowder, but you get what you get eh?)

I later updated my Instagram with a SELFIE. Came back, had some home made vegetable soup.. recipe to follow… and a lemon ice-cream sorbet. Then did pure cardio as a workout with Sean T..and of course I updated this!



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