So I started this year with a bit of a kick up the bum, I started using twitter and I was getting comments about how lovely my pictures were or how detailed my review was. What??
People are actually reading my work?? God.

It was a real wake up call, I knew it was a possibility that people would find me but they hadn’t before, so it really shook my boat and it definitely made me take more care and pride in my work. I wrote about my blogging goals for 2016 way back in January, on the other blog but, I didn’t really specify how I was going to increase my stats and what I wanted to achieve.
Past goals blog goals
In my old article I wrote about where I wanted to be with the blog, how I wanted to change my writing style etc (which is one of the reasons I made this secondary site).. but now, I want to talk about the numbers, the stats behind PurelyAmy & The colour yellow.

PurelyAmy Logo

Firstly, Purely Amy has ‘officially’ been up and running since November 2015.
Obviously, I’ve had sites for a lot longer but it’s not possible to carry over the followers and the work on the other sites had just gone to waste. I’ve never actively sought to grow them, but clearly the larger the stats the better you’ll do so I’m really trying my best to increase them as of, next week. (I can never start when I want to) I’ll have to dedicate time to this.

So, the stats you’ll see are low because I only started them in November 2015.

My Monthly views are ranging from 3,000- 6,200.
PurelyAmy Bloglovin
PurelyAmy Facebook 1,059 Likes.

Shared accounts, for both PurelyAmy & The Colour Yellow:

Twitter: 629
Pinterest: 164
Instagram: 311
Youtube: 263

The Colour yellow Logo

And then we have the pure account for the colour yellow, this was created at the start of March so I’m pretty chuffed at how well this one is doing too.Well, It’s only been one month but so far;

My Monthly views are ranging from 1,300 but steadily increasing…
TheColourYellow Bloglovin
TheColourYellow Facebook 104 Likes.

That’s where we’re at now, but where do I want to be in a years time,What do I want from my blog at let’s say at new years? What are my blog goals ?
Well, I’d like to be well known, with my own average joe’s fitness advice business, maybe a clothing range. But, that’s not going to happen. Wishful thinking will only get you so far, with the sites, though, I’d like them to be sailing away.

One year from now, blog goals!

Considering It’s taken me five years and have such small stat’s I’m setting my goals small but achievable (hopefully).

PurelyAmy Bloglovin 86 Followers to 200.
PurelyAmy Facebook 1,059 Likes to 1,500

Twitter: 629 to 1000
Pinterest: 164 to 200
Instagram: 311 to 400
Youtube: 263 to 300

Pinterest and Instagram I’m aiming low, I update Pinterest a lot and It’s been brilliant for me but people don’t actively engage on their so it’s been relatively hard to grow a following from it.
As for Instagram, I’m just not the best photographer. I’m a “let’s take a picture of that rock” kind of snapper, so it’s understandable that people won’t follow me on Insta. I think having low stats on these lesser known platforms is probably what has spurred me to create blog goals as the only way to increase my stats are by creating ‘blog goals‘ in the first place.

How’s she going to do it?

Most of the time online is spent on the site itself so I rarely network and promote which is really dragging me behind the other bloggers in terms of social media and stats, I know, it’s something I need to really focus on so from now on..


Twitter logo for blog goals
Follow me

I will spend at least minute of every hour looking for interactions on twitter, RT & sharing other people’s content if it’s relevant to my followers. Hopefully, the OP (original poster) will notice I’m similar to them in niche and maybe they’ll follow me, or even share my work?

Twitter works by connecting people who are similar so following people you don’t really connect with won’t help you, which is why I don’t give in to like for like follows on twitter.I do run comps through my twitter so I have a few unengaged followers (sadly).

As far as promoting my own work I’m going to regularly tweet out my own work four times a day, including old work that is still relevant and hopefully it’ll remind my followers I have other platforms too. My biggest problem is that people read my blog but don’t follow it or don’t follow me on any other platforms.


Facebook is one of my biggest blog goals, I regularly interact through both of my facebook pages. Which I know increases my engagement and looses me uninterested readers, which is good for me! I would rather have 1000 faithful readers and followers than 10,000 ‘numbers’ and unengaged fans that don’t read my work.

Along with interacting with followers I’m also aiming to interact more with other bloggers:
I regularly hosted linkies (a blog post where other bloggers voice their opinions and link to themselves) but I never participated in them myself. If I step my game up and start linking to other bloggers in my niche I should start to receive links via them. Does anyone want to host me?

I don’t think I’m aiming too high, do you? What do you do to stay engaged and what are your blog goals?


*Stats accurate as of 27th April 2016

Amy-May Hunt

19 comments on “Where do I want to be? Blog goals for 2016”

    • Facebook is just so stunted, they block most of your views so you end up only reaching 30% of your total viewers!!

    • I hochomeosl my two teenagers and when I found this article I knew I had to make them read it. They did and we all really learned something from it. Thank you for helping us.

  1. Setting yourself these goals is such a good idea! I need to do the same to be honest. Good luck, you can reach those goals, I know it. You have a lovely blog.
    I’m now following you on Facebook, Twitter, bloglovin, pinterest and youtube. I’ll also follow on IG when I’m on my phone 🙂 xx

  2. This is a great post Amy! My blog is fairly new and I worry about how to get my stats to grow! I’ll certainly be taking your advice and setting myself some goals! 🙂 Xx

    • Oh don’t worry about stats, a blog should be a passion and the numbers should just uplift you. Focus on writing from the heart and you’ll do fine 🙂

  3. Great goals. I have found my bloglovin has been one area that hasn’t grown much. I am a bit hit and miss with Twitter interaction – I feel like I’ll interact for a few weeks and then hibernate. Not sure why!

    • I’m the same! It’s very love hate with twitter, I really engage and get involved but when I don’t receive any comments back I think it gets me down which leaves me out for a few days. Someone will love me, eventually! <3

  4. Thanks for sharing your goal stats for 2016. I must say I am a bit behind at the moment on all things blogging! I have just signed up for a challenge to write every day in May!!! My goal is to find my voice and to write as often as I can. I love writing but am struggling a little with time.

  5. Wow your blogs have grown so quickly you should be so proud. I’ve been blogging for about 18 months although only about 9 months properly and find it hard with a full time job to put much into things like social, but I’m happy with less progression with my blog x

  6. Well done on your follows in such a short period of time, I wish you every success with attaining your goals. I find it very difficult to grow my instagram followers to the extent I almost feel like giving up, but I will persevere.

    • I’m not a big Instagrammer so I understand completely, unless you’re posting dog/naked women pictures you don’t get far on there! haha!

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