Oh yeah, I’m off on a foreign adventure! I’m all about that cruise-life this year and THANK GOD for it because I’ve not been on holiday once in 8 years!! So, I’m pretty much in need of a holiday and what better than a holiday with my partner in crime. It’s coming up to our five year anniversary, I know..It’s not 10-year or anything big, but we’re young. Five years is a milestone! 

Cocktails for breakfast anyone?
Cocktails for breakfast anyone?

As we’re still saving up for a house, him mostly, I’m still a student so the pennies I get fly out of my pocket before I can save them. His dearest grandmother sensed we were in need of this holiday and kindly (and most generously) offered to give us a large sum towards it. 2 grand, I couldn’t turn down a holiday especially not a free one! So on my hunt for the best bargain I could get for us, I thought I’d write it and vlog it for you.


Finding the right holiday for you

Every holiday is different, whether it be one out of the blue or one you’ve planned for years. It could make memories that last a lifetime, but that’s up to you. Finding something that suits you, your family and your budget can sound like a nightmare but I’ve included everything you should consider before making this big decision.

When do you want to go?

Are we talking weeks, months or years?

Bearing in mind last minute holiday deals can save you a fortune, typically the six weeks prior and less are often the best deals around. So if you’re looking to book for august, start looking in july! Yes, there’s often more risk involved when you’re booking late. Your dream holiday may have been fully booked, your hotel may not have the rooms you desire and your plane seats may be further apart. It’s these small details that often save the big bucks.

However, Booking years in advance could also save you money, companies want to ensure they’re selling their tickets and first bookings often get the perks of choosing the luxury of seating arrangements, hotels and the first upgrades too.

  • Let’s say I’m booking for July ( Which I am )

What type of holiday do you want?

There are several categories at hand and even those have categories within them, so think before you buy!

Cruise: Travel by ship to several destinations for a day or two at a time. You can fly abroad to your cruise destination or take a cruise from your current location. There are several more cruise options such as; staying on location once the cruise has ended and flying home, flying out to the cruise site and staying local before you depart for your cruising holiday.

Also within cruise: Cruise from home, Cruise from location, Cruise and stay, cruise and fly, Fly and stay and cruise, Fly and cruise and stay.

Fly: A typical family holiday abroad, flying to a destination and staying in a local hotel with entertainment and local attractions.

Stay: Staying in your current country but finding something nice to do for a relaxing or action packed holiday. Typically people stop in family entertainment sites such as ‘Butlins’ or ‘Haven holidays’ but other great choices are camping sites, tent camping, take your own caravan or rent a caravan.

Also within stay: Touring Britain, Tour the coast, Stay in caravan,  rent a cottage, house swap, move in a motor home or stop in a hotel.

Travel: Grab a back-pack and see the world. These are one of those ‘once in a life time holiday’s’ you can tour by foot, train, or get a 30-day long cruise and travel the world (almost).


Finding where you want to go may seem like a top priority but having something in mind only limits your options, leave it until this point in your list and you’ll be open to what ever destinations find you first.

Bare in mind that when you want to go will also impact where you want to go, after all going to Australia in summer is their winter and that Norway in winter will be even colder than in Britain. Timing is everything!


Only once you’ve sorted the above can you determine your budget. I know a lot of you will already have something in your head before you start but that limits you. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to afford a cruise but by looking anyway I found some amazing bargains out there. So don’t set your budget too early.

Shop around:
With your budget in mind, you can now look for holidays, start with the typical ‘big names’ Thomson, Thomas cook, Caribbean cruises, Royal Caribbean. These are your ball park figures, from there you can see:

A holiday to Greece for 1 week costs £780 PP .
Now. Make it your mission to find it cheaper on comparison sites, look online until you find the one you want:

  • Last minute.com,
  • Go compare,
  • Compare the market,
  • Travel Super market,
  • Trivago,

Once you’ve found the bargain holiday for you, take it in store to any of the retailers you are comfortable with and ask for a price comparison on that deal. They may be able to find that exact holiday or in some cases something slightly different, don’t be afraid to ask for freebies! 

  • free transfers,
  • upgrades
  • food options.
  • More luggage weight

They’ll be happy to help a holiday is a lot of money, so don’t be shy. They want you to spend your money with them and get the booking on their commission.

Things to consider before you go;

Passport dates, Travel times, do you need to book taxies or have an over night stay near the airport? Sorting out Insurance & Medical conditions or expectation of results. Take note of weight of luggage, do you have two flights and do you need to move planes in between journeys? Economic conditions, Wars and travelling threats. I know, they’re not nice things to consider but you must have them as a thought, be prepared for insurance rates to go up for certain destinations.

Have a brilliant summer and brilliant holidays (If you do book!)


Amy-May Hunt

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