Oooh I love bubbles, When all of the kids were playing with their Skates, Nokia’s or footballs I was playing with good old-fashioned bubbles.

Bubbles are something amazing for a child, you take a household product and create something with your breath, almost effortlessly. In a blink of an eye it’s gone, you can’t hold it or keep it…It’s gone as quickly as you made it. There’s something so magical in that feeling, It’s like a butterfly, you can’t hold them but you can be impressed by their form. I can go on and on about why they’re so amazing but I’ll stop there (before I sound like a loon – or am I too late?)

Bubbles are amazing, ok?soap-bubble-824550_640

So I was sitting at home pondering what I could do with my nephews on their day off. I haven’t seen them in a while so I’m desperate to get over there and do something fun, but I also want to do something fun for me. BUBBLES!

Bubbles are always fun, so I was thinking about, pots, pans..fabrics, what we can do to make new shapes and blow them. Foamy bubbles! Apparently this idea has been created before (but what hasn’t?) so I can’t technically say it’s original but it was for me and the kids loved it! Essentially you dampen a piece of fabric with bubble liquid and blow through the neck of the bottle, the fabric separate into tiny bubbles to create a foamy rope for the kids to play with.13166086_1773244932898942_574047181370002506_n

You will need;

  • A bottle
  • A sock or cotton fabric
  • Some bubbles AKA washing up liquid
  • Nephews/Nieces/Children/Grandchildren

or if you don’t have kids just get some vino in you and play with any bubbles (or any kids crafts) you can find, it’s incredibly fun to be a big kid.


Fill a container with bubble liquid; 1 tbsp liquid, 1 cup of water.

Cutting the end off of the bottle. Simple. Cut off the edges straight and in one smooth motion this way you don’t create a ‘raw’ edge. Find a sock – Preferably clean!! I like multicoloured socks but sometimes you’ve ot use what you find. Pop the sock over your bottle base, tuck over the ankle of the sock so you don’t have any floppy fabric where you’re going to blow through, make sure the sock is stretched tight over the bottom. Soak the sock and..


You can make shapes and build monsters! or snow men.

Simple! As a grown up you can get really dizzy from blowing bubbles after 5 mins so sit back with a glass of your own bubbly and watch the kids play instead. It’s the weekend afterall, relax!

I think it’s better to blow them indoors if you have the space, as you can build and keep the bubbles for longer but blowing them in a windy garden is just as fun, the long ropes wind around you and chase you from the air! Brilliant if you’re pretending they’re monsters! If you don’t want a massive bubble rope you could use the neck of the bottle and blow through the base, you get a fine string of foamy bubbles! Multi-functional!

What have you got planned to keep your kids busy over half term?

*I used normal washing up liquid (recipe above) to create my huge bubbles but you could always opt for a Store-bought bubblesbrand – here’s one from wilko’s I’ve used previously, it’s an affiliate link! Why not try adding in some washable paints/colours to create crazy colourful foam?

Amy-May Hunt

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