Can you be fit and fat

They’re not often associated with each other but they should be, so often do I hear

  “I work out and eat fruits and vegetables but I still can’t lose weight”

bearing in mind that weight is the wrong word to be using, read any of my previous articles for a full explanation of weight loss. Fruits carry a lot more sugars and lower fiber than vegetables and with a healthy diet it’s easy to slip up and sneak in some ‘treat’s so you may not even notice you’re over eating.

The point being is that yes, you can be fit and fat you can be and will be what ever you put into your body. Most people get into healthy living because they want to lose fat and tone up, I know that’s what I wanted.
so, I cut out the crap and worked out ALOT. So, why did it take me three years to lose the fat and get fit? Because I was over indulging in the healthy foods and being very in-active throughout my day.

A good workout can burn 300 calories a day! A healthy-bad diet can add 700 calories a day,don’t even get me started on eating take aways.

Let’s look at it in terms of a ‘healthy bad diet’.

If you eat two eggs on whole wheat for breakfast with a black coffee: 468 calories
1 chicken breast, chickpeas and mixed salad: 450 calories
2 pieces of fruit with 1 cup of tea: 143 calories
Spiced Beef and Vegetable stir fry + coffee + cereal bar: 760 calories
Total =1821 Calories.
For a healthy day’s meals,yes coffee’s fine for a balanced diet, but even with doing an intense workout of 300 calories you’re still looking at around 200 calories spare to be added to your energy storage centre (fat building blocks)

The simple point of it is. It’s hard to ‘lose’ calories and easy to gain them;
so you can work out and eat healthily and be ‘fit’ but you still might look ‘fat’.

Our bodies are machines of survival, we’re programmed to store energy for our daily duties on the other side high-calorie foods are vast and varied, whether they’re in a doughnut or a ‘trail mix’ bag.

The easiest way to be Fit + Fit, is to watch your intake vs outtake make sure you’re eating what is necessary to fuel for a workout but not overeating, which is so easily done.

Make sure you’re starting your healthy lifestyle because you want to be healthy not for any other reason.

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