The pros and cons of Aloe vera Drinks.

They’re made mostly from sugar (why is sugar bad?) and water but are bursting with a lot of good things, but a few side effects are creeping out from the woodwork too… I’ve put together a selection of the pros and cons below, you can see the pros out a weigh the cons but each […] Read more…

100 post’s on my blog of 3 years.

Thank you all  for reading- commenting on my blogs. I’m not a writer, as you can tell by my informalities, however, this space, MY space I can write.  I can write whatever I want that interests me ( and I hope interests you too), and for that feeling I can’t express it in words, but […] Read more…

Clothing Blogging, Yay or Neigh?

Post By MissieMai  Look At Me, I’m Wearing Clothes! I  understand that when i buy a new piece of clothing i want to show it off, and Fleur De Force has enough money to buy nice clothes monthly and show them off,so good on her for doing so, but do these videos have a following? […] Read more…

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