Still not sleeping/Holland and Barrett sleep campagin

Luckily I’ve been working with Holland and Barrett for purelyamy, they’re doing a sleep campaign in march and wanted someone to review the products ( I cheekily asked for a giveaway pack too). So this morning two parcels arrived, they’re just bigger than a shoe box but on closer inspection they have;

Herbal sleeping tablets,
bath salts,
smelling sprays,
camamile cocoa & relaxing tablets.
I know, It’s just my luck for it to have come this month, since I’ve not slept in 4 weeks I bloody need it! So the box I’ve got is worth £100, which means my giveaway will be £100 worth of stuff!! I’m so excited as I know that Holland and Barrett don’t normally with bloggers so get a set worth that much? It means a lot to me. Read more…

And the winner is…//Rafflecopter results + Personal update.

If you’re here for the winner of the gousto organic food box raffle, just scroll down below. In case you’re wondering where I’ve been for the last..16 days…  I’ve been back at college. I have loved my blog, I’ve been writing on it casually since 2011, but time moves on and thoughts change, so I […] Read more…

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