Makeup tutorials

Winter Outfits of this week.

Post By MissieMai Quick summary of the videos i’ve posted this week with outfit changes for winter. Personally i prefer the second one, its more me and relaxed. šŸ™‚ Read more…

Thursday’s Things: How To: Create a fake bruise.

Post By MissieMai  (How To’s,Create your owns,New Chapters Of MissieMai’s Story,Cooking Ideas,Song Of The Day) Today we’re not doing the story addition, since one was already posted on Tuesday’s Tutorials,but we are doing Cooking ideas and Create your owns. How To Create a Fake Bruise: This is sort of a makeup tutorial, but i suppose […] Read more…

Tutorial Tuesday: Halloween Fake Cut

Slash Bang Boom.(new video at the bottom!) Makeup Tutorial. RAWR, so random makeup tutorial for halloween, fancy dress, and blar.. origionally i used it to fill up my spare time/ scar my mum, but i’m getting better at it, its a learning curb. What you’ll need: Cuts . Putty/playdough (or even tape) Eyeliner, Black liquid […] Read more…

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