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I’ve Finished my 30 Day Shred -Calorie and body tracking

So i’ve finally finished my shred and im excited/sad/happy, I am above and beyond happy with the DVD, I’m more energetic and happier, I am going to continue with her DVDs and start on ripped in 30. 97.1cm bust/38.2″     Result :  :  96.3cm bust/  38″ 74.5cm waist/29.4″      Result :  :  76cm waist/ 30.1″ 90.5cm Stomach/ 35.7″     Result: 89cm stomach/34.7″ 55cm legs/21.6″         […] Read more…

Last week of 30 day shred.

Pictures are up of halloween night, and what a night it was XD Last day of my 30 day shred, i feel abit let down, for some reason i thought i would have abs and muscles on my shoulders. I’ve deffinately improved my body but its just muscle, i’m heavier and my measurements are almost […] Read more…

Jillians 30 day Shred Week 3 Results!!

A much better week, the workouts are still difficult but my endurance is higher so I can take on two workouts a day, however my weight has gone from 9st8- 9st 12 and fluctuated rapidly. This week I focused on high protein low carbs and TRIED to keep my calories around 1500. However with the […] Read more…

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