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Naan Dinner,

Naan’s Comming Over For Dinner. I can’t help myself with these titles, argh, sorry. So, there was nothing in my cupboards and fridge except for some beans, cheese, eggs  tomatoes, pasta and Naan bread. Yes, i’m a student, what’d you expect So, what can you make with that? =/ Well you can always make something… […] Read more…

Low Calorie Breakfast ( the quick non boring way.)

Low Calorie Breakfast ( the quick non boring way.) This is just tips!..oh and find the sad face in the text, i just found it completely by accident! ^_^ Cerials: Anything that you think is bad for you, probably is, any kids foods, throw out right now..They’re full of sugar, because kids burn off sugar […] Read more…

Low Calorie ButterCream

ButterCream , you sexy thing you! Three words you don’t expect to see together Low-Calorie, Butter & Cream (Cream,Icing Frosting)..Depending on where your from, the name varies! People have been using buttercream for hundreds of years in cakes and desserts, but whenever i have it , it gives me a headache and makes me feel […] Read more…

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