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What is an Epilator and how does it work?

The Epilator It sounds so, robotic and futuristic, hmmm..weird. So Anyway, beauty is everything and so it has been since the 90’s, screw the 80’s and natural beauty, we want fake b–bs,bums and tums.. Anyway..  My mum’s always said that shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker and darker but that’s not true, here […] Read more…

Low Calorie ButterCream

ButterCream , you sexy thing you! Three words you don’t expect to see together Low-Calorie, Butter & Cream (Cream,Icing Frosting)..Depending on where your from, the name varies! People have been using buttercream for hundreds of years in cakes and desserts, but whenever i have it , it gives me a headache and makes me feel […] Read more…

Doh! – Dough! guide to making homemade playdoh

 Dough! I saw these little cute designs on a site my sister was looking at and looked up the recipie for home made dough, my first batch has been coloured shaped and now they’re drying.. apparently it takes 48 hours to dry and then you need to varnish them, but they look really cool, i […] Read more…

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