Diary of a not-so fat girl- I’m THAT woman now.

It’s all really wierd for me. I guess I haven’t really gotten used to being the size, shape and health that I am now. Everyone knows, I haven’t always looked like this and trained like this, it took time,a hell of a lot of it. It took tears and sweat and most of all it […] Read more…

10 Reasons to become a vegetarian today.

I have been a slave to food, I’ve been fat and bulimic, I’ve been on diets and I’ve been to fitness classes. The whole time, I’ve eaten meat. Since starting my fitness journey in early 2012 I have tried everything on the market to find what’s best for our bodies. Cutting carbs? Cutting Fat? Cutting […] Read more…

Insanity- is it?

Make time for an hour a day. You can all do that! …Can’t you? Not in my life. If I start my workout at 10.30, I need to have eaten at 9.30 latest. I need to have woken up at 8.30 to be alert. I finish at 11.30 then go for a shower n dry […] Read more…

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