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Chocolate free week #1

I was fearing the brown sticky stuff all week, but it was the other brown stuff I should’ve been worrying about! *Toilet humour ahead* So, as you should know, I’m raising money for British heart this month, I’ve cut out chocolate completely! The nutella keeps looking at me and I just can’t stop myself from […] Read more…

My sugar addiction…(Giving it up!)

Ahh, It pains me to say..

No more chocolate for me.

I’m going cold turkey.

It’s not that I’m just giving it up for a trend, I honestly think it’s detrimental to my health that I ditch the stuff. It’s only for 30 days and it’s for a good cause ( British heart foundation have set it up). Read more…

Extreme diets and eating disorders: What did you do to yourself?

After my last ‘group’ peice, Stop Fit-Shaming became a campaign on twitter I thought a lot about how important big group articles are to send out the message and I found a lot of positive comments and compliments on my article tackling the issues of ‘fitshaming’.It really brought to light that sometimes it’s not all rainbows and […] Read more…

First week of Paleo Meal plans and thoughts.. (Review-Guide)

  Paleo is quickly becoming the post popular diet. But What is paleo? On June 2015 I first took the challenge of swapping to a paleo-lifestyle and it has since changed how I think about food. Food became an art, something creative to inspire me. Instead of something I needed to keep my energy up […] Read more…

Discover the 7 ways that instagram can help you lose weight.

The new weight loss website?   I’m sharing with you a little-known secret, encouragement and motivation are the most powerful things you can have to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, where can you get these? Instagram! Whether your a lunch-time scroller or evening foodie. Instagram has a lot of users (millions) and a […] Read more…

Diary of a not-so fat girl- I’m THAT woman now.

It’s all really wierd for me. I guess I haven’t really gotten used to being the size, shape and health that I am now. Everyone knows, I haven’t always looked like this and trained like this, it took time,a hell of a lot of it. It took tears and sweat and most of all it […] Read more…

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