My Diet and health Start:

So, i know i’m one of those on-off excersizers. I wanted to share with you my journey so far ( its now 5 months in, i’ll update it weekly.) December 28th: No excersize weekly,I drank alot i ate alot and i complained alot, everything depressed me and my weight was just constantly on my mind, […] Read more…

March My Diet & Health.

March. 3rd month, yes i’m not doing FANTASTICLY, but i’m doing pretty well for someone who loses a pound and then gains 3, i’ve never stuck to a diet and never stuck to an excersize plan, so lets see… Okay, this month i was in my relationship, that was flagging, we were strugglin’ and so […] Read more…

February My Diet & Health.

 February. Its just the start i know, but this is the start of everything, so i’m going to write it down, this is february! Measurements Feb 4th Friday:   Eating: around 1000 calories a day. Drinking: 5-6  pints of water a day and no alchohol since january. Weight: 145bs. (10st5) Bust: 40″ Waist: 32.7″ Tummy: […] Read more…

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