Purely Recipes

Mexican sweetcorn salad

It’s recipe day, but today’s is being hosted by the lovely Mel’s Fab Finds who has given me a helping hand this week. I’ve been a bit poorly recently, which I will be talking about on Saturday. You can be a healthy person with unhealthy habits, so stay tuned for that.  I digress, Mel has swooped […] Read more…

Chocolate Orange FireCakes

*With Gluten free and Vegan options, of course! Although, it’s an orange so it’s already gluten free and vegan! I know I know, I keep encouraging sweet treats. I promise you, I’m a health blogger. The colder months always seem to require these little treats to keep motivation high, if it’s not for you then […] Read more…

Chocolate-Icecream Pie

Chocolate pie on a health site?! Yup! Don’t get thinking I’ve lost my mind. This is still a healthy eating site and that is no ordinary chocolate pie. I’m just doing things a bit differently today. I was rustling through my best posts from this year and there was an ongoing theme. Every time I […] Read more…

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