Savoury Recipes

Scarily Good Soup / Butternut Squash and Sweet-Potato soup (V,Ve,P)

You should know by now that I love a soup, a good soup. A healthy, thick smooth soup, of course.. there’s always room in my heart for a thin or chunky soup but they’re a special occasion kind of meal.   Since it’s HALLOWEEN I thought I’d use squash, like in my previous (southern veg soup), […] Read more…

Seven Simple Paleo recipes for an alternative weekly menu.

Inspirational day! I’m not much of a baker or chef so I’ll leave it up to these amazing Pinterest articles to put my point across, healthy cooking doesn’t have to mean expensive, time consuming or inedible, in my case   All of these Paleo-recipes are easy, tasty and they aren’t trying to hard…What I mean […] Read more…

Low Carb Dinner ideas: Cauliflower Pizza (Paleo Inspired) (V,P)

  I love this recipe, I probably only eat it once a month as pizza still feels like a treat to me, but for you? You can eat this guilt-free pleasure whenever you like! Paleo, of course, doesn’t like cheese so you can replace your cheese with a wheat-free alternative to flour such as; almond […] Read more…

Lentil soup! – 5 Ingredients, no time at all!

A healthy hearty end to the day, it’s a spicy thick Red-Lentil soup with tonnes of goodness, did I mention its low-fat, but you could never guess! It takes like it has cream in it!   The Flavours are so gentle that it’s really a ‘get well soon’ soup. I wish I could change the […] Read more…

Red lentil & Cumin Soup

A simple and healthy, vegan and dairy free lentil soup with a gentle flavour. To aid digestion and weight loss for dieters on a budget.

Making Fresh pasta

Fresh Pasta This is where I was going to add an amazingly delicious looking plate of pasta, how ever it was too amazingly delicious and I ate it all. I turned my batch of 3 dough balls into 7 sheets of lasagne and  2 portions of spaghetti strands suitable for a meal for two. 200g […] Read more…

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