Vegan Recipes

Natures Best Pea Protein Review

Nature’s Best Pea Protein – It’s vegan, it’s protein, it’s all mine. My full review of Pea Protein! To Pea or Not To Pea – That is the question. There are several other vegan protein powders on the market. Veganism is really taking over, possibly (and hopefully) for the long haul and if you’ve not […] Read more…

Quorn – A Nutritional Guide

The Quorn Guide. We’ve all seen Mo-Farah grabbing a plate of this low-fat tasty vegetarian food (Quorn) but… Just a tiny little bit of this poisonous substance and I’m hunched over the toilet bowl and heaving all night. How? And.. why is it still on the market? Well… Only 10% of the population are actually allergic […] Read more…

the ultimate waffle recipes. 3 of my favourite gluten-free vegan and paleo recipes.

The Ultimate Vegan Waffle recipes

Yes- YES – YES!!! *Warning. The use of the term ‘bloody’ appears a lot in the following text. So do the words ” Vegan Waffle” Today is the day. The day I have finally been waiting for. I have been mentioning this perhaps once a day, since valentines day- Go on then girl spit it out! It’s […] Read more…

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