Vegan Recipes

Chocolate-Icecream Pie

Chocolate pie on a health site?! Yup! Don’t get thinking I’ve lost my mind. This is still a healthy eating site and that is no ordinary chocolate pie. I’m just doing things a bit differently today. I was rustling through my best posts from this year and there was an ongoing theme. Every time I […] Read more…

Super healthy, super cheap Homemade Museli!

Whether it’s Autumn or spring, we all love a good breakfast! For me, that means something sweet. A hearty plate of gf pancakes or..even better a big bowl of Museli. It doesn’t come cheap, though, does it? With a £6 price tag on even a basic range of the good stuff and a hefty portion […] Read more…

New ways to eat your oats!

Oats are an integral part of most diets across the globe. They’re ancient, they’ve been around for thousands of years.Traditionally oats were a staple food source as they keep the body full by ‘bloating’ up your stomach, which is why they’re such a good diet food but they also contain a fair few calories along […] Read more…

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