Vegan Recipes

Cauliflower soup, soup-er simple!

I’m attempting a new recipe for every week, this week I wanted a soup! So I scoured the internet for a great soup, I could only find the boring tomato, pea, chicken soup recipes. Bleugh, I wanted something new and interesting. et’s face it, we don’t wake up in the morning craving soup for dinner.. […] Read more…

Chocolate and Hazelnut Zing Icecream (Paleo and Vegan)

I love Ice cream, It’s my thing! I love healthy low sugar alternative to any kinds of foods really but the one thing I crave is a cake or ice cream so I try my best to make low sugar and gluten-free recipes (and I have tonnes of them, I will be sharing every Wednesday […] Read more…

Vegetable Cauliflower Soup

A gorgeously creamy cauliflower soup that full of fibre and nutrients so fill your bowls with this filling, fiber full and nutrient rich (and low fat) soup!

Why vegan? / Asking personal questions..

  As you can probably guess, this is going to be a positive post. I think far too many of us think ‘Vegan’ and pair it with tonnes of negativity but as you know, I think diet is about choice, your choice. Whether or not you’re vegan I really recommend reading this as you get […] Read more…

Scarily Good Soup / Butternut Squash and Sweet-Potato soup (V,Ve,P)

You should know by now that I love a soup, a good soup. A healthy, thick smooth soup, of course.. there’s always room in my heart for a thin or chunky soup but they’re a special occasion kind of meal.   Since it’s HALLOWEEN I thought I’d use squash, like in my previous (southern veg soup), […] Read more…

The Alternative Banana Ice cream store – Paleo and Vegan

Banana Ice cream – It’s becoming the ‘new’ thing. I’ve amassed an amazing collection of Banana Ice cream recipes for you, and non of them actually include ice cream! Whoa whoa whoa, don’t click off just yet, they’re still thick, creamy and decadent desserts and I get to eat them guilt-free every day (if I want) and so […] Read more…

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