The Foodies Giveaway (Midlands) Food festival

Win two tickets to the food festival, midlands based! I’m all about giveaways at the minute. Guosto, Holland and Barrett, The Vegan Tuck Box… But those were all tailored giveaways, One for specific food, one for sleeping and one for vegans. This is one to suit all! Who doesn’t love a food festival, BBQ meat selections, Homemade […] Read more…

Still not sleeping/Holland and Barrett sleep campagin

Luckily I’ve been working with Holland and Barrett for purelyamy, they’re doing a sleep campaign in march and wanted someone to review the products ( I cheekily asked for a giveaway pack too). So this morning two parcels arrived, they’re just bigger than a shoe box but on closer inspection they have;

Herbal sleeping tablets,
bath salts,
smelling sprays,
camamile cocoa & relaxing tablets.
I know, It’s just my luck for it to have come this month, since I’ve not slept in 4 weeks I bloody need it! So the box I’ve got is worth £100, which means my giveaway will be £100 worth of stuff!! I’m so excited as I know that Holland and Barrett don’t normally with bloggers so get a set worth that much? It means a lot to me. Read more…

An Honest Review of: Crobars (Cricket-flour protein bars)

I’m getting to that stage where I review so many things that I might to a ‘review day’ a week..maybe a Tuesday? I currently only post WednesdayAn honest review of: The Crobars (Cricket-flour protein bars)   So, I actually found this product myself on a ‘review’ website, where they ask for reviews and since it’s […] Read more…

An honest review:Huel nutrional powder

I’ve had a taste of the future, and it’s NOT good.Ooh, I love a good review! Firstly can I just say, it’s not that it tastes bad, I just for some reason thought it would be like a protein shake with a mild flavour. It wasn’t. It was a wheetabixy breakfast drink.  As alway’s my […] Read more…

An Honest Review: Multipower Protein, All flavours!

In early July I was contacted by the Multipower company, asking if I’d like to do a review, I jumped at the chance..mostly because I love a good freebie (who doesn’t?) but also because my powder supply was running a bit low, that being said I was more than pleased with the supply they gave […] Read more…

An honest review of: The Glasses Shop

My glasses arrived! Mid June, so just in time for the summer fun! I have been gifted them to review from the GlassesShop company. So I can give you my complete and honest review. My Sexy New Glasses: These are the glasses I selected: Pangnirtung Rectangle – Black as you can see they’re great in the pictures, but what […] Read more…

First week of Paleo Meal plans and thoughts.. (Review-Guide)

  Paleo is quickly becoming the post popular diet. But What is paleo? On June 2015 I first took the challenge of swapping to a paleo-lifestyle and it has since changed how I think about food. Food became an art, something creative to inspire me. Instead of something I needed to keep my energy up […] Read more…

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