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Novembers Blog Update

I don’t do these very often. Blog updates that is. Perhaps once or twice a year, when something spectacular happens or if I’m proud of an achievement but that’s what has happened! In the last few months I’ve been setting small targets and actually achieving them. This small victory, one goal at a time has […] Read more…

This is why I will never win a blog award

It dawned on me early this morning.  I was sat at my desk writing a plea, for nominations, not something I’d ever done before but, this year feels different. It is my fifth year. I wanted it to count for something. I spent a few days searching for relevant awards but they had all gone […] Read more…

A busy week for me /Sunday & Monday. New job!

Hi! It’s been a while, right? I’ve spent so much time organising work and other things this week that I’ve had no time to update you properly, I’ve been tweeting and popping things on the facebook page but I have some time so.. let me give you a proper update. Here’s my week in highlights….Well, […] Read more…

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