Cauliflower soup, soup-er simple!

I’m attempting a new recipe for every week, this week I wanted a soup! So I scoured the internet for a great soup, I could only find the boring tomato, pea, chicken soup recipes. Bleugh, I wanted something new and interesting. et’s face it, we don’t wake up in the morning craving soup for dinner.. so I typed in vegetable paleo soup, I found this recipe and went on a mad rampage…

I spent the weekend altering little bits of the recipe to make my super simple cauliflower soup recipe, being the un-inventive person I am, I couldn’t think of a ‘fancy’ name for the soup, and quite frankly?

It seemed silly calling it “Cauli-cream soup”.

It doesn’t need a fancy name!
It’s a simple soup doing a simple job. I think I’ve said this sentence at least a dozen times on this site but, I love a good soup.. I really do! They’re so comforting and filling and they’re a fantastic substitute for high carb lunches.

Before I drone on about the long list of healthy reasons you should include soup in your diet.. I wanted to say this whilst soup may not be a craving, it certainly satisfies them. I want to include as many low fat and low carb recipes to this site as possible.

A healthy hearty soup, perfect for those lazy days..
I wanted to be super healthy with this so used a Coconut Flour ,tapioca blend with xanthan gum. It was a lot more hassle then it’s worth let me tell you, but you can buy gluten free flour ready made from tonnes of places, Asda,Tesco, Waitrose and amazon.My paleo adventure still continues and hopefully will for a long time to come, this recipe includes bacon that you can leave out by all means to make it vegan/vegetarian, but it’s super yummy with it in!Remember if you want to try some of my other recipes pop up in the tabs, there’s not a tonne but I’m planning on adding more recipes every week!
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Anyway, wrapping this bad boy up… I’ve started again so you’ll see an update for that on Saturday and next Wednesday I’m attending the AirJump media event (It’s a building made out of trampolines!) If you want to keep track of my posts follow me by email sub or by blog lovin”

What are your favourite soups? I’m going to try and Paleo-ize any recipe you can think of!

As always, be good & be healthy,


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