Chi Kitchen is a Pan-Asian restaurant, It’s located just inside Debenhams in the heart of Birmingham’s shoppingP1020693 centre. Debenhams is well known for more luxury high street prices. This week I was asked  to come and try out their new afternoon tea menu, so I brought along my sister and fellow blogger, for a treat and a natter.

On arriving in Birmingham we headed straight for Grand Central and walked right past Chi Kitchen, once we did the full loop we spotted the sign for it.What an idiot, the signs are bright blue and the exterior is gorgeous. How could we miss it?


We popped in and were shown to a selection of seats, there’s a long row down the heart of the chef’s centre and a dome of seating where you can see out of the windows. Surround sight, of course we chose the window seats, the whole place was beautiful but I love a room with a view. P1020665

With a very modern & eclectic style it very very upmarket and it was, quite literally. The hub of the restaurant is nestled over the old bullring market and has an amazing view of the high street leading out of town. I have to say, being a music fan the best view was the David Bowie mural which was directly below.

The restaurant was open plan so you can watch the chefs prepare the food in-front of you, or you can watch the buzz of busy shoppers below.P1020684


The menu’s are set, you can chose between an afternoon tea menu that focuses around traditional Asian, Chinese themed food with jasmine, earl grey and green tea selections. The other option is a huge menu with prosecco and of course a tonne of food. We of course chose the boozier option and we’re greeted with beautiful flutes of proseccoP1020691 whilst the chef (who by the way was super friendly) prepared our food.

You can choose to watch him prepare it and he’ll explain it to you, obviously not in peak times but he seemed very friendly whilst it was quieter!Along with the afternoon tea menu there were also separate items you can purchase or you can get snacks, sweet treats or anything you want really

It came out in traditional ‘tea’ style, 3 plates of food dressed to impress. I’m not the best photographer but snapping this food was a pleasure, it looks beautiful from all angles!


Now, you can get on your high horse about eating food with chopsticks but if you start to struggle just use your fork. I managed two plates but something about a moose and chopsticks didn’t seem right, ha! The food was very authentic and for the most part I loved it, there were the odd few that didn’t sit right with me. I think that’s personal preference though, I don’t like the squdgy texture and squid flavour. However, there was plenty to choose from so I enjoyed my day! I would recommend the rolls, pastries and crispy duck (anything with the crispys duck filling). It was amazing!

I could really go on and on about the menu but you’ll have to see for yourselves! I hope you all have an amazing weekend, See you on Saturday for another update.

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