*With Gluten free and Vegan options, of course! Although, it’s an orange so it’s already gluten free and vegan!

I know I know, I keep encouraging sweet treats. I promise you, I’m a health blogger. The colder months always seem to require these little treats to keep motivation high, if it’s not for you then even better. Keep going on your journey and stay healthy without the need of these sweet things. You’re a stronger person that I and I really commend anyone who can do that.

But, now for all us scallywags and naughty nibbles, this one is a treat for the kids and for the chocolate lovers. This season is the season for fun and festive jeer, along with a bit of sugar and warmth.

We all love a surprise. Maybe that’s why fireworks and presents are so fun. We don’t know what it’s going to be until that last moment and bang, it’s there in front of us. These little bundles are a chocolate lovers dream and a great way to get kids involved with bonfire night and still keep them safe. Give them the task of cutting the hole in the orange and scraping the pulp out until these oranges are hollow! They can tip in their batter and cook them!oranges

What you will need:

1 Orange Each

1 Square of tinfoil Each ( 8″x8″ should do)

Traditional Cake mix, Gluten-free & Vegan cake mixes

A fire, or oven (but where’s the fun in that)

These went down a treat on Halloween night, we typically enjoy a great night of fancy dress and drinking but now we’re a bit older and kids have popped up into our life we host mini-parties for the kids to play together. These orange cakes went down a treat although one of them wanted to do the same with banana peel, which I tried my best to explain wasn’t possible. Each to their own, eh?


I prepped the oranges and tinfoil squares but let the boys make the cake batter and pour it in, carefully to the ‘moulds’. I saved the lids of the oranges and popped them back into the hole of the orange so there wouldn’t be any leakage. They wrapped up the bundles and I popped them into the fire.

Tip: Sneak in a marshmallow or syrup to the centre of the gooey mix before wrapping it up in a ball of tinfoil.


Whilst we were waiting the boys selected a Halloween film for the night and we sat in front of the house fire, whilst the mums and dads watched the fire, had a nice drink and a good natter. It took around 20 minutes to make a soft fudgy brownie and almost 30 minutes to make a cake textured treat. Gluten free mixes take less time and Vegan mixes tend to take more, yep, I tried all 3 types for you. Depending on the preference make sure you keep an eye on these and give them 10 minutes to cool down after removing from the fire.

The kids can then peel back they chocolate treat and enjoy the evening’s entertainment! Pick any flavour you like but chocolate and orange is a winning combination in my eyes!

Have a brilliant bonfire night or whatever celebration you’re enjoying!


Amy-May Hunt

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    • It woulc make it watery but you could use 30ml and replace it with the liquids you use in your cake mix (Either water or milk depending). I drank the orange juice and used the pulp in my mix for extra vitamins.

  1. Oh these look so yummy and lots of fun to make I am off shopping later and think I will have to get some ingredients

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