Day three! I’m so excited this year, I really started off wishing christmas would just vanish into the abyss but I know how to control my eating habits and keep myself motivated and I think the challenge of it all is keeping me going.

It’s Christmas! 

It’s definitely getting colder quicker this year, last week I was wearing leggings! So, keeping warm, winter workouts is today’s Christmas hack.We all know that keeping moving is a huge leap in staying fit, but it also keeps us warm.

So, why do we lose motivation for working out in winter?
  1. Because it’s cold and we don’t want to go outside, slip over or really do anything
  2. because we eat so much fatty and sugary foods that our bodies slow down during winter, it’s a      fact. Our bodies want to store up the fat during the colder months, it’s how we’re programmed.
  3.Because everyone else gets fat this time of year, I might as well..
  4. I’ve got all of January to lose the weight, it’ll be fine..

These are all huge reasons why we don’t roll up our socks and keep up our routines and it’s really a huge problem! It’s understandable you get tired and achy in the winter months but it makes it twice as hard to keep motivated if you let yourself slip!

Hack #3 Staying motivated to keep fit.

How can you do it? It’s cold!
Well, Focus on what is going to stop you from gaining weight. What’s your worst habit, find it and eliminate it! Keep yourself focused and motivated. I’m going to mention it a lot’s Christmas so I’m not going to go full force and say you can’t eat badly..I just want you to be mind-full.

Do you like to eat junk foods?
You don’t have to cut them out..just reduce them, add in some healthy side dishes.
Why not make your favourite takeaway? You can make your own healthier versions! make some healthy swaps!

Are you lazy? ..
Come on, be honest. This is probably my worst habit, I love to be at my computer..
So, Make better food choices so that your laziness doesn’t effect your weight too much or pick up some super simple,quick and easy workout routines so you burn off a few extra calories.

Don’t want to go out  for a run in the cold? Make it warm!
Wrap up in your workout gear and do a 5 minute warm up before you go out, this keeps you warm and will stretch you out so you’re not stiff whilst running. Running can be hard in the winter months so stick to 30mins, anymore than that can cause ‘cold’ burns. Your body temperature battles with the cold air and causes itching and burning. It’s also bad for your breathing if you stay out too long doing strenuous exercise in the cold.

Remember your goals
Pretty self-explanatory really, if you want to keep motivated, you have to motivate yourself. Whether it means covering your fridge with healthy recipes and keeping your holiday snaps on show, do what motivates you. *For a full explanation on losing motivation.

I hope my hacks and advice are making things easier for you..
Sending the festive love to you, 


 Merry Christmas!


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