What is a body combat Training Class?

Body combat is high cardio combined with strength, it is great for fat burning and overall toned bodies.A lot of the muscles in the body are worked, many at the same time for a great calorie burn.

What other classes could I do instead?
Your local gym or community centre will have a host of different fitness classes from water toning to HIIT training boot camp style workouts. Here are a list from a few centres in the area. If you’re not sure of your own leisure centres activities and classes ring up and ask.
They typically have a code for beginners, intermediate and advance so you won’t feel out of your depth. Each class has it’s own body focus; Cardio, strength, balance and endurance. So depending on what you want out of a workout you will need to look at the different styles and speak to your instructor about what you’d like to get out of your workout.
Class Price
Aerobics £5.20
Aerofit £5.20
Aqua Classes(45 mins) £4.80
Belly Dancing £4.80
Body Attack £5.40
Body Balance £5.40
Body Blast £5.00
Body Combat £5.40
Body Pump £5.40
Body Pump Express £4.50
Bums & Tums £5.20
Bums & Tums (45-50mins) £4.80
Bums & Tums (daytime) £5.00
Circuit Training £5.20
Conditioning Pilates £5.40
Core Drill Fit / Core Drill Express £4.80
Fast Blast £5.00
Fatburner £4.80
Hatha Yoga (60mins) £4.60
Pilates (beginners) £5.20
Pilates (intermediate) £5.40
Pump FX £4.80
Stretch ‘n’ Tone £5.00
Stretch Pilates £5.20
Studio cycling (40mins) £5.00
Studio cycling (45mins) £5.20
Tai Chi £5.40
Total Abs £4.20
Vibe Cycle (45mins) £5.20
Zumba £5.40

How much is it for one class?

Prices range from 4.00 a class to 6.50 a class. You could book in bulk from the instructor or pay a flat rate to the gym for membership. I am currently paying 5.40 for 1 hour session For a 143lb woman from 18-30, they can burn upto 638 calories for 60 mins of body combat! So if you’re looking to lose fat and gain a bit of muscle you can do that in just one session a week.
My experience.

The class started promptly with one trainer at the front of a microphone ( that blurred her words) and a very loud speaker system blasting dance music.

Warm up, Not impressed- There was no real warm up, but I understand it to be that the side steps and cross jumps were the warm up. I personally think it should have lasted a bit longer and covered the muscles that we used. Perhaps we should have done a few jumping jacks and arm extensions.

The class had 30-35 women from 20-60 there who had all been before, which of course means they know the moves, sucks for me. The woman was shouting too fast and using complex combinations of boxing moves. Luckily I know some from my jillian DVD’s, however, if i had been a beginner i wouldn’t have stood a chance. jab jab hook jab down upper jab kick kick. Then she’ll do a new one hook hook upper upper jab cross and keep rotating. NOT A CLUE.


Thankfully she came over and showed me properly ( however it made everyone look at me) the same with stopping to rest my legs ( hurt my hamstrings previously ) After stopping everyone stared at me! Gosh I really felt out of my depth.

Overall the lesson was good, it burnt, for me, around 570 calories. So almost triple the Jillian’s dvds (but it is triple the time). The body combat schedule only did my arms… 1 hour of arms and about 20 kicks. So i’m going back home to work on my delts, pectorals and abs. The next day i could barely sit so my legs must’ve been pushed just prancing in boxing stance, however, i will struggle with cardio and strength over the next few days, so it took away from today’s workout. Urgh.

It burnt fat but i need an all over workout…

next time i’ll have to try circuit training.



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