Post By MissieMai

 Look At Me, I’m Wearing Clothes!

I  understand that when i buy a new piece of clothing i want to show it off, and Fleur De Force has enough money to buy nice clothes monthly and show them off,so good on her for doing so, but do these videos have a following?

If it’s hot and I have nothing to wear I’ll type in summer clothing, and see what other girls have put together to get ideas, but I’ve only ever done that twice in 3 who’s watching these videos, they’re getting 100,000 hits.. its so odd. But yeah I love Fleur’s biker jacket so much, i wish Zara still sold it -sad face-

This girl doesn’t even look happy about showing off her beautiful outfit, i don’t understand why she would share this?… apart from the fact she gets to show off her clothes, but if she didn’t want to, why would she?


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..