I’ve had an absolute pants month, but Holland and Barrett always slap a smile onto my face. I’ve been a regular customer of there’s for quite some time so signing up to review their products for free was too good to pass up. Which leads me to my next point, I did not pay for these products. They were given to me so I could try them and share my findings with you!
I have done reviews for years and I’ve done a few Holland & Barrett reviews (1 & 2 ) too so to try some new summery products was always going to be a yes from me, So I was invited to test out some more products, Who says this blog doesn’t have it’s perks? (ha!)P1020347

The product breakdown

So I was given the option of a bundle of goodies but I’m not a huge fan of coconut anyway, so I stuck with what I knew. Good old hair care and peanut but, oh erm I mean ‘almond’ butter, quite frankly. I was surprised by the results…

Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

I expected so much from the shampoo and conditioner that I’m not sure If I’m rating this properly but as a shampoo, it was marvellous, fresh and vibrant feeling when used singularly. As conditioner? it didn’t suit me well. It took a few washes for me to learn that I needed to spend an extra 5-10 minutes rinsing my hair after conditioning it as it was heavy and very ‘rich’. 

However, as a deep treatment, it was amazing. I started using it once a week and spending the extra time to rinse it out. It was amazing, my hair was shiny and soft. In the kind of ‘woman in the advert’ kind of way. I felt like swooshing around for the rest of the day. So it was very love-hate really.

Almond nut butter (coconut oil infused)Peanut butter

I’m not a huge fanatic of peanut butter, don’t get me wrong I love it. That’s the problem though, if a jar is in my house…it won’t last long and that’s exactly what happened. I opened this jar and I tried my best to eat it slowly but two weeks later and I’d eaten the whole thing!
It was amazing, a much better substitute for peanut butter, It’s a mixture of smooth and crunchy and full of flavour too!

For me, I was just happy it didn’t taste of coconut, it was so full of almond flavour that you wouldn’t know it was made from the coconut oil and paste. I ate it with apples, crackers, honey and banana and just on the tip of a spoon but I will say if you want it to stay spreadable it has to be left out of the fridge and out of sun too. If it’s over 18 degrees it turns to liquid and if it’s under 10 degrees it turns to rock, I fridged mine and whacked a small portion in a tub for travelling and snacks!

I’m so happy with both products, I think finding products you want and love is so rare to be given the opportunity to ‘try’ before you buy is always a bonus. I hope my review gives you an insight into the products but ofcourse the proof is in the pudding, perhaps you’ll find different findings? I hope not! 

Have a brilliant week what ever you do,

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