Goody Bag: Company

·        Price £2 * Rubbish Value
·        Products * £3.50 worth.
I again bought this last year and was happy with it however you don’t get anything substantial from it.The cereal alone costs £2.60 in stores, so the magazine and cereal makeup for the lack of other interesting things in the bag.

  •  a horrid drink ‘ raspberry and almond’ that literally made me and my sister gag, we drank the Elle mint drink to get rid of the flavour!
  • Another Andrex portable loo roll ( like we needed any of them, let alone 2!)
  •  1 sample of stay matte Rimmel foundation, 
  • 1 sample of max white one toothpaste,
  • 1 Linwoods flax seed powder packet,
  • 1 box of ‘Dorset cereals’ – pineapple and papaya nutritional cereal. 

Max white toothpaste- In process
It tastes awful but i saw results instantly and its only slightly more expensive but if it can make my teeth whiter I’ll buy it (i drink a lot of coffee)

The  box of ‘Dorset cereals’ – pineapple and papaya nutritional cereal, was good for museli but it needed more fruit, it wasn’t that flavour but it is healthy so definitely worth the money for £2.60!

The stay matte Rimmel foundation the rimmel sample only did one cheek however i felt it glided on lovely but it is quite an oily foundation. It did dry but it took a few minutes and the colour had a red tone to it. ( orange)


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