New nail box storage.

I have an ever growing amount of nail polishes and need more space for them. Using a bit of creativity and a card board box.

  • 1 large box and lid
  • Scrap card board. 6″ W 12″ length
  • Wrapping paper
  • Glue
  • other storage boxes for organizing. ( optional)

Cut out a piece of wrapping just larger then you need, ( I have used extra because my paper is so thin. fold the edges to fit and give the box smooth edges.

Using a glue stick coat the back of the box and fold the paper in into the box press the paper down onto background.

     Using the scrap cardboard stencil around the nail polishes leaving a good amount of space between them.You need at least another nail polish lid in between the holes.You can poke the holes through using anything cylindrical ( i used a knitting needle)

Fold over 2″ and then another 2.5″ this should make a sloped ramp for your nail polishes to hover off the bottom of the box.

Cover the card board with prit-stick or pva
and press the wrapping paper down. If you press it down you should be
able to feel and see the holes, then you can run your finger right
through easily.Smooth down the edges by pressing from the front to the back and swirl your finger around the edges.

Cut out a small circle and cover all edges in celotape including 1.5″ of over hang and use this to paint your nail colours onto.


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..