Creating a low fat Low sugar Alternative to Ice Cream

Natural Ice Cream Made Easy

1kg of Natural Yoghurt Container.  4 Bananas Half a cup of Yoghurt –
 Quarter of a cup of chopped apricots
(Optional)Honey 1 tbsp
(Optional)Almonds 3 tbsp
(Optional)Pumpkin seeds 2tbsp
(Optional)Blueberries 1 cup + honey.
(Optional)Rasberries + Strawberries roughly chopped.

Mash the bananas into rough chunks, and mix them into the yoghurt with the chopped apricots. Keep the yoghurt stirred every 10 mins and it will freeze after an hour and a half.
I put mine into smaller cups ready to be had in small portios. This batch should do about 10 portions. I freeze mine over night, take it out at lunch and defrost it in the frige for 3-4 hours.

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