Easy Handmade formal Lace Bag

After making these i took them out had a tonne of compliments…then the season ended, they never really came back out after that…until. Someone else made one! You saw them here first! So, I’m revamping the page and sharing it once again with the world.

  • Hard Cardboard Box
  • Knife/ Scissors
  • Base Fabric
  • Top Fabric
  • 1 colour thread
  • Needle
  • Fabric Glue

Measure out the diameter of your box ( mine was 14″L 9″H 1.5″ D)
add 1 cm to each side of your fabric covering (for overlapping the edges).

 Cut along the longest top section on the side of the box (width) and along the sides so you can keep it attached (this will become the opening point of your bag) so it can fold forwards and backwards.

Using thick card ( a square of 7″) cut off 1.3″ in on a diagonal slope.(rough diagram) This is to attach to create the folded lip on the opening point of your bag, this is optional as you could have a square or no opening point.

Sew along the front sides of the box/bog using a small stitch and making sure any spare fabric is folded to the front of the box where your additional fabric will hide your sins.

Glue the fabric to the box at the top lip.
When you neaten the top edge (the opening point) sew the top seam up although making a dart into the box and sew down to keep the fabric on the box.
Measure the top fabric panel 1″ larger on all sides.Sew down all the sides and fix any strings by using fabric glue.

Using your top fabric cut out the front measurements with 1.5cm on all sides for a nice border, tack down all sides with small stitches for stability and glue down any pieces that are coming up ( it will happen) Decorate with bows ribbons chains.


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..