This post was created in 2013. Around the time I was just getting back to the blog and I was just turning 22. Not really understanding how a blog works and how my professionalism needed to be.
So, the quality is very poor on this post and I do apologise -perhaps I’ll get round to taking better pictures or this will get reburied and never thought of again but in 2017 this post became super popular and I don’t really know why!
Creating your personalised monopoly board
You will need:
1 Large piece of card.
1 pair of scissors
1 ruler/ tape measure
2 colours of card.

Creating the board base

Using the best thick card you have and your tape measure. Mark out your cut lines and cut it to the appropriate size for your board.I have cut mine to 37″x 37″ because I am creating a portable game board.


Marking out your houses and streets

Now you will need to mark out 1.3” boxes across the board for your stations and streets ect.  Have used this size however on your board you may want to go up to 2”. I have then placed 1.3” strips of white tape to create my boxes and then backed white paper for the centre of the board, using the tape makes things a lot easier.
Using your ruler mark of a small section, 1 4th of your boxes as the title of the street/ utility. Create names following the rules of monopoly and create 4 stations, 1 go to jail, one jail, one free parking.. name them what you like!

Creating your Chance/Mystery cards

*You can ofcourse print some out but that’s no fun! Now you will want to cut your pieces of card into 6 pieces, do this until you have 30 cards of each colour. Use one for your ‘chance’ cards and one for your community chest cards. I have named mine chance and government letters but you can call yours what ever you like ‘Mystery notes’ Puzzle cards etc..
Next you will need to be creative and write notes for each card. I tried to stay traditional and wrote ‘ you’ve won a street dance collect £25 from the bank’ but ofcourse you can have different riddles and puzzles you could introduce a hide and seek element. In 2 turns you can collect a house from another player. Or find something around the house with the letter G printed on it and win £100 bank notes – etc. Get creative!
*You could easily print these out. Once you have spent some time writing those up you will be out of your mind thrilled to spend even longer writing bank notes. This took me 45mins, you will need at least 30 notes for each.1, 5, 10, 20,100, 500
Once you have your cards printed and your money set up you can assemble your board. Cards in the centre and £750 in assorted notes to each player. The game, like I said, could be played with any element you like. Hide and seek, Find me and even riddles! Just get creative with it and enjoy the creative process or you can buy one and be a spoil sport.
I hope this has inspired you to try and create your own ( I hope the pictures didn’t put you off too much!) All the best,


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