The workout dictionary: A full guide to all exercises

Need some information on how to do the moves in the workouts, here you go!
All moves will have a brief explaination of how to do the moves and what body parts they work too. I’ve tried to put them in alphabetical order but some are grouped with base moves (Pushups have multiple variations) etc. so ‘acute pushups’ are in the pushup section.
You’ll notice some have longer explanations then others, this normally means they’re more complicated or higher risk.


Butt kicks.
Butt kicks are a cardio exercise, they engage the calves and hamstrings, they’re great for boosting speed. Simple, Kick your heels as close to your bum as you can and as fast as you can, speed is key!

These are amazing exercises that use cardio and strength, I try to include these in most of my workouts since they use a lot of core and arms focus, they’re great for slimming down.
How to: In plank position, toes pointing down, hands under shoulders and elbows facing in, bring your feet up and into your chest whilst standing up, all in a quick ‘hop’ motion.Bring yourself back down in plank position for one repetition.
This will work your shoulders, biceps triceps and core.

Fast feet.
If you have space cardio is a is always best, so some form of jogging or ‘fast feet’ will be the best way if you’re limited with space, get your arms moving too to burn more calories. Since you need little to no space this shouldn’t be a problem for all sized houses.
How to: Wide leg position, bend your knees and and sprint, arms out (just like an american footballer).

Heel kicks
Jumping kicks are a cardio based boxing move, light kicks with a hop to the next leg.
How to: As your first heel skips out, just a food infront of you, skip your next foot out (skipping motion). This move is often paired with a skipping rope arm.

High Low Runs (High knees/floor sprints)
These are very much insanity style, They’re a cardio based interval exercise.
How to: Start off with high knees, bringing each knee up to your hip and running on the spot, do with quick pace for 5 seconds, drop down Into plank position, bring your knee up and into your chest (Plank runs/Floor sprints) and alternate in a running motion for 5 seconds. Hop back into high knee runs, you can complete 3 sets in 30 seconds.

Jumping kicks
Jumping kicks are a cardio based kickboxing move, kick outs with a hop to the next leg. How to: As your first leg is kicking push off the ground with your other leg as the first leg hits the ground. Keep your fists up and elbows in.

Kick backs (standing)
Again, is as it says, from standing position kick your leg as straight and as hard as you can behind you, your body can come forward, just keep your balance. Alternate in quick sucsession.

Lunges (alternating ‘step lunges’)
Lunges are a basic move, they’re a strength based move as they build muscle in the quads hams and core. To perform a lunge you have one extended 2 foot in front of you and one 2 foot behind you so that both of your knees are 90 degrees to the floor,from standing to lunge position, traditionally you alternate your legs. This can be done with a pulse where you ‘bob’ up and down.
Quick/Hop Lunges
These are a Strength & plyometric move. I use them quite often in my own workouts as they’re great for building core strength, balance whilst toning your legs and burning fat from the cardio aspect.
How to: Place your legs in lunge position (One extended 2-foot in front of you, one 2 foot behind you so that both of your knees are 90 degrees to the floor.) Hop into lunge postion and hop into the alternate leg, it should look like a skipping motion.

I’ve said it before, they will always make the cut, there’s nothing these bad boys can’t do, except for give you a better chest.
No space needed, just wider than shoulder width stance is all the space you need, drop down, knees parallel to your feet and heels pushing into the ground.

Squat jumps 
As it says on the tin, from squat position jump, legs wide into the air.
Most commonly I call them “Alternative squat/shot jumps” as a squat jump is pretty simple a shot jump encompasses a basketball move.
Shot jumpsFrom squat position bring your hands to the floor, pick up your imaginary ball and shoot, spring up to the right as though throwing a ball into a hoop that is to your right hand side. Don’t move your stance, just rotate your core. Drop down and use your other arm to shoot to your left.

Deep Squats
With your deep squats, have your toes pointed slightly outwards and legs further apart then a regular squat, this should give you a better range of motion.With your squats you should count to 3 on the way down pause for 2 and up for 3 seconds.

Squat kicks
Drop down, in squat position: knees parallel to your feet and heels pushing into the ground. Bring one foot out to kick infront of you, alternate legs. This normally is done quickly with hands on hips or waist for balance.

Squatting side leg lifts
Whilst performing a squat, bring your leg up, you’ll notice your body moves up slightly too, thats fine, just tense your glutes and abdominals and pause for a few beats. You should feel this after 10-15 moves.

Power squats
Power squats are essentially an ordinary squat with a cardio boost,mixed cardio. legs apart knees contract and butt goes back, however, you don’t just bring yourself up, you force yourself up in a springlike motion, clap your feet together (like a jumping jack) in a jumping motion and quickly bounce back into a squat.

Power jumps
This is just a jump! Easy, right? Nah! It’s a squat with high jump attached so you can get some great glutes and cardio wrapped in that tight bundle.
How to: Stand with your feet pointing slightly outwards. Take a weight from 5kg-10kg and squat down with your bottom pushing out, core tight and your knees behind your feet, tense your glutes and jump straight up 3-5inches off the floor. Come back down to a squat position.
This again will work your quads, hams and your whole body, its great for cardio!

Classics first. They’re a full body burner, engaging the core, legs, arms and back so will burn calories without too much noise or space.They are more a strength move so will burn less caloreis then a cardio move but are really effective for feel good factor.
How to: In wide-plank position, Hands on the floor, roughly a the length of your upper arm, away from your body. You should tuck your elbows towards your body as much as possible, your elbows will create a 90-degree angle. Feet tight together, lower your body to the ground to around 2″ away from it, push back up to to bring your arms back to 90 degree angle.

Acute pushups
Bring your elbows tight into your sides, hands close together and slowly draw yourself down to the floor. They’re normally done very slowly.

Pushup Jacks
Pushup jacks are a mat work move but as they’re a classic and combine cardio I’ll leave them here. They’re a classic pushup/jumping jack so instead of keeping your feet together you should spring them apart when lowering your body. They’re normally done quickly so you “jack” in and out.

Pushup Touches
When completing a push up tap your opposing hand onto your shoulder, creating a reach across your body and making your core stabilise itself. It’s an extra nod to a pushup.

Wide side jumps
Use the power in your leg to jump as far to the right as you can, landing on your right foot. Spring back and jump to your left.
This really covers everything in boxing, whether it’s
Boxer shuffle:
Shuffling your feet backwards and sidewards, keeping yourself on your toes.. or whether it’s
Jabs: Straight punches with your leading arms.
Hooks: Facing straight on swing each arm out, as though hitting someone who’s standing infront of you, in the side of the head.
Front Kicks:It is as it says, kick one foot out to hip height straight infront of you, alternate. (can be done in squat position)
Rear kicks: Kick behind you, Sometimes called Donkey kicks (can be done in plank position)
Alternating kicks: With your dominant foot kick out in front of you, swap legs and kick the opposite leg out behind you. You normally complete 30 seconds and then swap leg directions.

Whilst you may not have space for Big kick outs, you can plan your kicks to the space you have and put power and pace into them. The more powerful and the faster your kicks the more fat you will burn. Keeping your heart rate up with your punches should burn around 200 calories within 20 minutes.

Mat work
Plank is the most popular move on a mat, it really encompasses most moves, from yoga to pilates.They are moves that involve lifting your body with your arms,This is a body space movement, so all you need is enough space to lie down.
Plank is performed by placing your hands on the floor directly over your shoulders and suspending your body on your toes, or knees (knee plank)

Downward facing dog
Similar to plank but this is usually a transitioning move for yoga, however it can be used for shoulder work (see Shoulder presses below).
In plank position widen your feet to wider then hip width and bring your arms back until they’re straight to your shoulder.

Plank runs
Start in plank position and pick your knees up to your abs whilst tightening your core, do this in a fast motion for 30 seconds.

Plank tucks
Start in plank position and force both of your knees up and intowards your abs whilst tightening your core, Your toes should now be on the floor infront of you, spring back! Do this in a fast motion for 30 seconds.

Core knee raises
 In plank position ( Hands on the floor directly over your shoulders and suspending your body on your toes).From here bring your right knee as close to your belly button as you can, bring it back. Repeat on both sides for at least 10 reps.

Oblique crunches
From plank position, lift your knee up and out to the side of your body towards your elbow, squeeze your obliques and slowly draw your leg back to the floor, repeat on both sides.

Oblique knee raises
In plank position, from here bring your right knee as close to your elbow as you can, bring it back. Repeat on both sides for at least 10 reps

Core Crunch
Sit on the floor ,legs out in front of you and lie back with hips tilted up in a C position,your hands placed lightly next to your hips, elbows in.Bring your right knee up and place your foot on the floor. Bring your left leg up and tighten your core, release the leg but don’t drop it, from here bend your knee and tuck it in and tighten your core. Straighten your legs and repeat.

Knee donkey kick backs
From Knee-plank position, position your leg up in 90 degree position, sole facing the ceiling and pulse your leg towards the sky for 10-15 reps.

Tricep dips
With your feet flat on the floor and hands pointing towards your toes, push your body from the floor and raise yourself up straighten your core. Bend your elbows and ‘dip’ down.
This will work your core,glutes, triceps and shoulders.

Shoulder Presses.
In downward facing dog, place your arms just over shoulder width apart, hands facing in wards, you should have two hands space in between them too, and bring your head down,elbows going out. Now, using the tension on your arm bring it up to straight.
This will work your shoulders,biceps triceps and core.

I hope this guide helps, I update it monthly. If there’s anything I’ve missed or anything you’ve learnt ( I hope there is!) I’d love to hear about it!


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