Did I stay healthy over Christmas?

Well.. not really. I like to say you shouldn’t treat yourself and you should be strict but..

Christmas day fun!
Harry Potter Chess and Hobgoblin

What I mean by that is; Treating yourself over the Christmas period isn’t going to make you obese. You have put hard work and dedication into your diet and lifestyle, no matter how long you’ve been doing it. You’ve made the conscious choice to be better, so if having a mince pie after your meal makes you feel proud of your accomplishments do it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it certainly wasn’t destroyed in one either.

That being said, It wasn’t the treats that got me, I was very good in the run up to Christmas, indulging in maybe one or two small treats a day (around an additional 200 calories in total).
However, since the weather’s been awful and my family are at home for the holidays, my workout space has been obliterated, the only exercises I’ve been able to do are strength based, as you know cardio burns the fat…
So I’ve missed 800 calories a week in jogging and 900 a week in workouts, adding that to my 1400 calorie additional food intake. You should know that 3,500 calories is equal to a lb of fat.

Like I said I was really good with treats before Christmas, treating little and not often and when it got to Christmas dinner I had an awful cold, so I didn’t have to much to eat on the big day, except for some apple pie and roulade, however…

Boxing day was a completely different story!
My family are really religious so we don’t normally do anything but this year my sister called together the whole family and put on a massive spread; chutneys, pate’s, crackers, breadsticks, marmalades, pickled chillies and vegetables, turkey,beef, chicken, pork and ham, Curries and sandwiches. It was amazing, so of course I over indulged, I even bought a family pack of popcorn home with me!

Family At Boxing Day
The under 25’s of the family!

So over the three weeks of Christmas I somehow still managed to put on 3lbs, and whilst that doesn’t sound a lot it really is, I’ve had 10,000 calories over my norm! I’ve lost ALOT of muscle mass too and my body is like jelly now. Another challenge to get back to normal. I love a good challenge.

Overall though, I had a wonderful Christmas, I wish I’d been able to eat more but my inability to workout really hindered my eating. Damn it! Maybe I need to get a gym member ship, or just clear the garden a bit more so there’s more space.


*I wrote this out twice as it didn’t save, so if it sounds rushed…well, it is! haha,

Hope you had a good one, have a great start to the new year!
See you in 2016!




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  1. Oh wow sounds like the shaving event was really nice and wow an engraved razor and goodie bag – what a lovely brand and so nice to your sister as well

    Laura x

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