Pinterested in a new sports bra?

We all know that as a woman, the most difficult part of working out is keeping your chest in one place, without looking like your chest is in an insane asylum, bruised chest’s are the worst! If they’re not bruised then they’re getting in they’re just getting in the way! So have a look at a tonne of gorgeous sports bras to inspire you to lock your bad boys up.

So, we all want to have  the support and look sexy, here are my super supportive and super sexy sports bras.In no particular order.

KAIVA’s baby blue sports bra
 with gorgeous back,I LLLlove the pattern on this one, I love my cross back workout bras and this gives you the support of a compression bra and the style of a gorgeous top. 
Best of both worlds.
VSX Sports Showtime by Victorias Secret Sport Bra
This bra is gorgeous, not sure how practicle it is for high-intensity but who cares? 
You could do yoga on the beach and not give a damn. dual-function bra, compression and structure bra


Knockout by Victoria’s Secret Front close sport bra
This bra is gorgeous, not sure how practical it is for high-intensity but who cares? 
The lining of the bra is attached at the back so you can’t fully remove the compression part of it. dual-function bra, compression and structure bra
Reversible Vitality Sports Bra
This is vibrant and supportive as a compression bra and very little fabric on the back, I don’t know about you but that’s where I sweat most.
Valleau apparel collection for low impact sports.
Lululemon tata tamer ii
Very similiar to some of the vicotria secret bras as they’re combi-bras, complression and cup protection, ajustable straps and available in a multitude of colours.
Nike front close sports bra 

done that? well, there are tonnes more in my jam-packed Pinterest board for a full outfit of fitness apparel! Or have a look at the new spring running trainers for 2015.

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