Me and my family aren’t the “let’s get together and have lunch” types..

For a start there are a vast number of us and there aren’t enough beanbags,buckets and lawn chairs to go around. Not to mention the fact that we don’t really ‘do’ easter, minus the hot cross buns..they’re obligatory! And apart from the newest members of the family, my nieces and nephews. We’ve never done easter.

I think we had one or two eggs in our childhood but we were never fussed really, coming from a different religious background, Easter just seemed bizarre to us.

So this year, it being early I was fully prepared to just hover past it as usual but I thought I’d share my goings on.

Not quite


Tom had the day off so I wanted our first ‘proper’ jog of the season. It was a beautiful day..a bit hot if anything. It went up to 15 degrees! We were a bit slow so ended up being out until 12.30. Popped back home, showered, changed and went to see Tom’s nan. She’s not seen me in months so it was nice to have some free time to see her!

I love visiting her flat, she has on the old black and white movies, You know..the ones you want to watch but never get time to sit down and give yourself free time. Obviously being at hers I don’t sit there with my laptop and camera so my attention is on her, or on the old classics..
It was “The Glen Miller story” Which I’d not seen before and happened to come in 40 mins before the end but it was a brilliant film though. I adore James Stewart’s voice, so rich and deep, a real man’s voice! I think I made my way through at least 6 biscuits during the afternoon with his nan. I’m surprised I didn’t come out a stone heavier, we must’ve turned down several snacks and ‘treat’s’, She loves to buy pastries and ice creams for when he’s over.
Then back home for the Pretty little liars on loop and some fajitas! Rhian Westbury and a few other bloggers mentioned PLL last month so of course it went to the top of the list, I’m hooked!


Saturday is a blog day so I normally stay in, sort the articles out and try to sort out some networking..which is what I did. I made a big vat of porridge with soya milk, honey and raisins. That along with tidying the house (we’ve refurbed so it’s a state). Then I had a coffee & avocado on toast, watched the half-marathon with my dad, who’s still unable to move from the accident.

Just before my beautiful nephews came over to see my dad, I published the beginners guide to “What is body fat?” on the main blog. They normally see him a few times a week and were getting a bit frustrated that he was still ‘poorly’. They went up one at a time to squeeze him, James (who’s 2) made him soup soup..

“make you feel better granddad, make you not poorly no more”

Dad ate it, one of the biggest meals he’s had all week which was a good sign. Then for the rest of the afternoon James would ask if granddad was better and was upset that he wasn’t..

Joshua (6) came up stairs with me, he normally does anyway, made himself at home..took his shoes off found himself some fruit from my draw and sat on the bed watching tv. I swear, he knows where everything is in my room. I love how much he loves me, he can go weeks without seeing me and then knock me over with the biggest hug!


They’re better in real life I assure you!


I was taking snaps of my business cards, in the awful lighting and Joshua came over..

“Why do you want my camera?”Nephew replies: “Because I need photos of you, we need photos together”.#Auntlife #myfamily #Nephew

So that’s what we did! Selfie time!p1010775


I found a few girls online (bloggers, not strangers) who’re meeting up with me in Grand central on Tuesday so we chatted to arrange where we were going, that took up a fair bit of Saturday night and Sunday morning! I remembered to turn the clocks forward, so our jog started at 11.30 and went on until 1. The wind was horrendous towards the last 15 mins so we came back early.


Then it was just relaxing in front of the laptop and tv for the rest of the day. Oh, with Nutella and Bananas, but I deserved them. My jog was well worth it!

That was my Easter Story, what’s yours?


Amy-May Hunt

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