So..It all started In March. I wanted some new jewellery to go in my ears, they’re my favourite piercings and I’ve always just had the odd old jewellery. Even some from the piercing studio’s when I was 18! All good quality stuff don’t get me wrong but I’ve never really gone out and bought anything flashy and new.

As always, I did my research (just incase things had changed) and I found the gold studs I wanted, with the clear crystal head, I needed 6 for all of my lower ear piercings. Ofcourse, it was going to be pricey. Little did I know it was going to cost more that just money. It could’ve cost me my job or my hearing.

I found a reasonable seller online, I thought. He was clearly buying in bulk so it seemed like I was on to a good deal, real quality jewellery in bulk at a great price. WINNER! I bought 3 pairs for super cheap and they arrived within 3 days. They came in certified sterile blister packs & on the first day they were itchy, but they were new and I hadn’t had jewellery in my ears for a few months so I put it down to that.

Within 1 week my ears were scabbing and flaking.Ear after cleaning

Within 2 They were leaking orange fluid that STANK. I went to the clinic and was prescribed antibiotics and was told that I had mild blood poisoning & if I hadn’t come in I could’ve lost my hearing, I contacted the seller.

Within 3 my neck was still inflamed, the ears were fusing into one piercing but I had enough earrings to reduce inflammation on one ear. I returned for stronger antibiotics.

within 4 I was violently ill from the antibiotics but the second ear was no longer inflamed (still leaking). Both ears!

It’s the end of week 4 and both have almost healed, the lump in my neck is still there but I’m pretty confident it’ll be gone in a week or two. The entire month I had to clean my ears throughout the day, with either salt water rinses or tea tree oil from Holland & Barrett* so it was good stuff! It just needed something stronger to fix the issue with blood poisoning.
It’s been a nightmare, the seller has been unapologetic and is sill selling his earrings. He’s mentioned to me that he believes it to be the fault of his supplier and not himself. Which I agree with, but why not put up a caution, or atleast apologise? I’m not looking for the £40 back, or even compensation for the time I’ve had to have off work..I just want him to warn others!

Any questions feel free to leave a comment, on here or on Youtube and I’ll get back to you!

Amy-May Hunt

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  1. Oh Amy that’s terrible! I absolutely agree that he should atleast put a warning up and investigate the issue. Just so glad you’re okay.

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