Emotions of a shadow.

Have you ever been ignored?
Fallen out of the loop of social interaction.
Have you ever been the ‘second thought’?
Not important.

So complacent and fragile that you’re the target.
You’re the centre of the circle that everyone spills their woes and angst on,
You crack, you’re the victim.
NO, You’re the target,
The centre of a circle? – A Target.

Don’t cry- You’re sensitive.
Don’t shout- You’re over emotional
Don’t ignore it al – you’re a shut in, stroppy.

What more?
Lies, misunderstandings…
They’re vulnerable, they’re taking advantage,
You can’t help, you’re not the shoulder they want,
More lies.

Trust noone, feel nothing, Fade.


Depression is a state of mind, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

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