Eurovision 2016!

It’s that time of year when being over the top is praised. Glitter, hair spray and floaty dresses are a must and where all the rules go out of the window. They always do though, vote for your neighbour not for the best talent. But that’s ok because it’s Eurovision 2016 and with all that’s going on in Europe you can’t really complain, we don’t really care who wins.

As long as Ireland give us more than a 5, we’re happy!

For me It’s always been a tradition, I remember lying on the floor, legs up the wall forcing my body to stay awake. I’d lie down and just tilt my head at the screen. It felt like it was 3am, when it was probably only 11. My little 8-year-old body needed sleep but my heart needed the music. Now I’m a grown up I can stay up as late as I like (woohoo!).
So there are no excuses and I make sure I watch it ever year.

Even if it means I’m sitting alone upstairs, I have my popcorn my score sheet and my heart set on winning (one can dream). I just feel there’s something so magical about the nations coming together to sing. Let’s not forget there is mass chaos in Europe at the moment and whilst music can’t solve war, it can help, even if only for one night.

Highlights for Eurovision 2016 (Stockholm hosting)

Let’s start with the biggest and best, I’ve been talking about this man all week and I’ve just realised why..
For the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, a non-contestant Global Superstar, Justin Timberlake, (yep you read it right) will enter the Eurovision stage in Stockholm. 
He will perform the #1 single, can’t stop the feeling!

To get yourself in the mood for Eurovision 2016 I recommend dressing to the nines, wearing as much glitter as you can fit on your body and then maybe..perhaps you can watch some of the dress rehearsals.

Scoring Eurovision 2016

This is the best part for me, scoring the acts. We originally just tried to remember what acts we liked and why we liked them, then in our teens we’d take some lined paper and draft up some sort of scoring charts. Now..I’m much more professional, I love a good printed score sheet. We all work on the same categories, agreed by us.

You can, of course change how you rank the acts but this is just how my family like to rate them;

  • Voice,
  • Music & Lyrics,
  • Clothing,
  • Choreography (including Digital effects)
  • Overall rating
  • Who that country awarded they scored 12 to.Eurovision2016

Yup, we really get invested in it! I’ve left some columns blank for you to put your own in and then a predictions line at the bottom! Once you’ve rated swap your sheet with someone else, unless you trust they’re not cheating!

Blank Scorecard – Create your own categories


Of course can be boring and print out their sheet, but where’s the fun in that?

The Heart of Eurovision

I spoke above about how much Eurovision means to me and why I’ve loved it since childhood, saying that, there’s something I missed. Something intentional, as it deserves more than a quick sentence explaining why…

Sir Terry.

He was the heart of Eurovision and the centre of my childhood, from listening to him through bleary eyes eating my cereal at 7am before Primary school, to watching him present emotional children in need, year after year and still managing to make us smile. Eurovision has been without him for a few year now as the amazing, Graham Norton, took over (he does the job brilliantly too) but Eurovision 2016 has had a shadow over it as we lost Sir Terry at the start of the year.

Don’t forget, I always live-tweets & updates on facebook so for all of the fun follow both streams.


Amy-May Hunt

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